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Inga Marie Ramcke (1980)

About me
I do professional city tours in the most beautiful town I know: Hamburg. And believe me, I’ve seen, smelled and tasted quite a few. So now you know my favorite things: arts (to see and hear), food (to smell and eat) plus I treasure education, so why not check out some great places in Hamburg that show it all? Great place ahead, so come with me and check my hometown.

Why Hamburg
My city is lush green. You can relax in parks and at the edge of the many waterways. I especially like the combination of water and green and you can find many pleasant spots like that.

Since I am a swing dancer I love my fellow freaky dancers crowd as well as the arts scene, with many beautiful art work from my colleagues around. So basically I love the possibilities my hometown is offering me: the eclectic combination of arts, food, culture, music, cinemas as well as beautiful architecture and parks and water. ‘nough said. Please explore! 🙂

Where else can you find me online?

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