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Wendy from Luxembourg City

I'm still in love with Luxembourg City, even after living here for 30 years...

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What do you look for in a book store, besides books of course? I look for character, and if the book store were a person, I’d say I’d be looking for someone eclectic and eccentric, warm, inspiring and wise. Just like there are ‘writerly books’, there are book stores for bibliophiles, and Alinea is one of them.

I have loved Alinea for years – and I’m not the only one.  That’s one of the reason the store is moving just to the corner soon, where they will have more space.  Although the customers love the current narrow space and the winding staircase, the bookshop employees had some ups and downs – too many of them, in fact, in the course of a working day going to the upstairs and the downstairs.

The previous location is still open, where on two floors, you’ll find thousands of books in different languages, biographies, travel books, novels, short stories, history, philosophy, art, design, humour, and they are neatly arranged on tall bookshelves and stacked in piles on big tables and absolutely fill up the entire space.

If you are looking for something particular, the people working there love books as much as you do and can help. An added plus – I always find interesting gifts here too, like miniature book sets, puzzles, journals, stickers, pens, gift cards and more.

When the new location opens, there will be even more to love.  We’ll keep you posted!

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Wendy from Luxembourg City

Wendy Winn photo

I'm still in love with Luxembourg City, even after living here for 30 years...

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