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Marcela Salamanca

About me
I am a Canadian living in Luxembourg. I am a former child psychotherapist and I love to play and help children become their best selves. Since I cannot work here, I spend much of my time finding new and interesting places to visit that will help us build a catalogue of amazing memories.

I love meeting people, making friends, sharing stories, and eating good food. I love sharing my passion for yoga and the outdoors.

Why I love my city?
I love Luxembourg Ville (and the whole country) because it is a beautiful mix of old and modern. I love walking around Haute Ville and seeing all the trendy stores and clothing or shoes and the old stone walls that make so much of the city.

My favorite place is the Pétrusse Valley- it is relaxing and reminds me that we can choose kindness towards all beings. So many of the trees in this valley are held up by supports but they continue to be beautiful and a part of this planet.

I am in love with our public transit system as it is free (throughout the entire country!) and while most people view it as good to have, I also appreciate that it contributes to a more equitable society such that anyone can get to where they need to go. I also greatly appreciate the numerous hidden gems that exist throughout the city!

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