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Álvaro Martínez Ponce

About me
Ever since childhood, I’ve always had an insatiable interest and an innate curiosity about diverse cultures. This passion guided me towards a career in aviation, where I could seamlessly combine my love for exploration with the joy of connecting with people from around the globe.

I firmly believe that true happiness often lies in the little daily things that we tend to overlook. Whether it’s the simple pleasure of a leisurely bike ride through Retiro Park, the artful challenge of crafting the perfect, juicy potato omelette, or the sheer delight of engaging in hours-long conversations on sun-kissed terraces, I find solace and contentment in these seemingly mundane moments.

Naturally, there’s an unmatched thrill in discovering hidden gems and sharing them with friends—a pursuit that has become one of my favourite pastimes. Simply put, my life is a blend of exploration, appreciating life’s simple pleasures, and the happiness of sharing these moments with those I hold dear.

Why Madrid?
When asked why I love Madrid, I respond that it’s because of the incredible range of experiences the city offers. From its vibrant cultural scene to its hidden gems waiting to be discovered, Madrid has a unique charm that’s hard to find elsewhere.

The streets of Madrid are bursting with diverse flavours, sounds, and colours from different neighbourhoods, providing a constant source of fascination and enrichment. Many of my friends have described their experience of visiting this wonderful city feels like having a personal psychologist. They find themselves appreciating the beauty of life and noticing the simple little things, like taking leisurely strolls through its beautiful parks or soaking in the lively atmosphere of its streets.

Recently, Madrid has been experiencing a revival, which I’ve seen first-hand as a native. There’s a tangible energy and excitement in the air that’s both refreshing and inspiring. One thing is for sure: this city is on the brink of even greater things.

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