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My life is a blend of exploration, simple pleasures, and the happiness of sharin...

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Hidden behind the unassuming facade of a florist shop, Jack’s Library is a clandestine sanctuary for literature aficionados and connoisseurs of craft cocktails. Much like stepping into the pages of a Victorian novel, this speakeasy transports you to an era when elegance and refinement were paramount.

The dark, dim lighting sets the stage for an intimate gathering, where leather-bound volumes, vintage maps, and ornate birdcages adorn the shelves, evoking the atmosphere of a scholarly retreat from centuries past. The air is filled with the soft strains of R&B music, creating a backdrop of sophistication and nostalgia.

The libations served at Jack’s Library are nothing short of extraordinary, a testament to the skill and creativity of the mixologists behind the bar. Crafted with precision and care, each cocktail is a work of art, blending premium spirits with house-made infusions and syrups to create flavours that tantalise the palate.

Despite its hidden location and exclusive ambiance, Jack’s Library welcomes all who enter its hallowed halls with warmth and hospitality. The attentive staff ensure that every guest feels valued and appreciated, guiding them through the menu with expertise and enthusiasm.

In a city as vibrant and dynamic as Madrid, Jack’s Library stands out as a beacon of sophistication and refinement. A visit to this clandestine establishment is not simply a night out, it’s an experience to be savored and remembered, a journey into the past that leaves a lasting impression on all who dare to venture within its walls.

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Álvaro from Madrid

Álvaro Martínez Ponce photo

My life is a blend of exploration, simple pleasures, and the happiness of sharin...

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C. de Santo Tomé, 6, Centro, 28004 Madrid, Spain, Madrid

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Mon - Fri 19:00 - 02:00, ​​Sat 18:00 - 02:30, Sun 17:00 - 11:30


Cocktail: € 14


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