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Johan Kullberg

About me
I’m a freelancing performer with a 3-year professional education in musical theatre, juggling odd jobs with studies, my own show group and managing my own firm. I’m passionate about travelling, music, arts, culture and languages!

Always up for new challenges and adventures!

Why Malmö
I love my city for many reasons, I love the creativity here, the bustling arts scene and the mix of old and new.

Malmö is truly the most open place I’ve ever lived in, it’s special in the sense that I find people more open and friendlier, easier to approach or ask for help than people in most other cities I’ve visited! I also love the diversity – there’s a saying that “If you’ve seen Malmö, you’ve seen the world”, and it’s true. The city’s proximity to nature and the sea as well as all the beautiful parks within the city provide amazing opportunities to spend leisure time and organize activities outside without travelling. The ease with which you can travel to Copenhagen, Gothenburg and all of southern Sweden is also a huge perk!

Where else can you find me online?

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