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Irina Rakhmanova (1996)

About me
My name is Irina Rakhmanova and I have been a resident of Moscow my whole life. At the moment, I study at the Faculty of Philology in the Higher School of Economics (National Research University) and my studies are about foreign languages (English, German and Italian), literature, art and history. I also work as an English tutor and as a children’s guide in an interactive museum.

Besides studying and working, I always try to allow time for my main hobby. I am totally keen on travelling, strolling around the city and meeting new people.

Why Moscow
It is difficult to imagine me staying at home for long, because I am always in motion. I love the rhythm of Moscow, because it gives me a chance to move all the time, meet different people, discover something new.

Most of all, what I appreciate in Moscow is that this city is eclectic: there are interesting places for people with different tastes, values and interests.

Where else can you find me online?

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