Rincón Melania New York

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Rincón Melania – Ecuadorian outpost

This is where Amazon wanted to insert its HQ2, on the south side of Long Island City where it meets Sunnyside, near the Queensborough Plaza station on the 7 Train. But Amazon couldn’t deflect the hoo-ha of people already living there who disagreed with the enormous tax breaks offered to the world’s biggest company, with rents sure-to-rise.

Meanwhile, we gotta’ eat.

Eat it shall be. Whereas I have mentioned the adroitness of surveilling cab drivers — to find out where they eat — tracking UPS drivers hadn’t occurred to me until their massing here turned on a light, showed me the way. And, what were they eating?

Andean Yapingachos, pan fried turmeric-yellow potato cakes, the size of a flattened mandarin orange, with melted mozzarella hidden in the center.

Camarones a la Parrilla, a plate of seven or so grilled shrimp, dry (not oily), properly charred, with lime and lemon spritz-squeeze-chunks.

Sopa de pata, a hearty soup made from cow’s legs, tripe, yuca, chayotes, sweet corn, bananas, and green beans.

A dessert of pure, pale home made Flan rinsed in caramelized syrup poured deep enough so that it can be spooned directly onto the tongue, which Susan loved doing.

There is a list of fruit shakes including tomate de arból, (Ecuadorian tree tomato). “In appearance, the fruit calls to mind a ruby teardrop; in flavor, an unpredictable marriage of passion fruit and pineapple, each trying to outdo the other in sweetness.” (NY Times).

Take the 7 Train to 33 Street / Rawson, in Queens.

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Queens Boulevard 35-19, New York

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Sun - Thu 10:00 - 19:45, Fri - Sat 10:00 - 22:00


Sopa de pata: US$ 10


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