Best Rotterdam Blogs 2021 – Selected by Locals

We asked our own Rotterdam bloggers about their favorite independent Rotterdam blogs & websites. Here’s a list of their tips in alphabetical order!

De Buik van Rotterdam

De Buik van Rotterdam (in Dutch – translation here) is an independently run journalist-style blog that’s dedicated to the growing food culture in Rotterdam. Run by Rotterdam locals, they list everything that the city has to offer in regards to food, from new and upcoming restaurants and food bars, to older restaurants, bars, and cafes, and the stories that they have.

Gers! Rotterdam

Gers! Rotterdam (in Dutch – translation here) is a blog that was created out of love for the city of Rotterdam. It’s a multi-faceted platform that features great stories about people, places, and other things revolving around the city of Rotterdam, but they also have a photography section! This blog is great because it’s very much like Rotterdam, very raw and straightforward, from the way they write to the layout.

Ik Rotterdam

A new, original project, Ik Rotterdam (in Dutch – translation here) is a blog that captures the spirit of Rotterdam through the art of blog runners Evalien Lang, Ferry van Steijn, and Marc Kolle as they draw interesting places in Rotterdam. The art is meant to capture the day-to-day lives of three local Rotterdammers as they record the city in their own unique art styles in pleasant, colorful, and creative ways.

Keep Rotterdam Ugly

Not a blog. But we’ve got to include this tip by one of our locals… Rotterdammers like to make fun of themselves and the Instagram page, Keep Rotterdam Ugly, does exactly that. It highlights Rotterdam ugliest buildings. We love this account! Ugly parts are also part of a city, they even give it character!

Rotterdam City Blog

If you’re looking for a blog that covers a wide range of events, architecture, and culture in Rotterdam, then the Rotterdam City Blog is the right place for you! Since November 2014, this blog is written and handled by Rotterdam locals, who post stories, photos, and videos all about their city-what they like, where to go, and what is going on in Rotterdam currently. They cater mostly to Rotterdam visitors, but their information is also excellent for locals looking for new places and events in their own city!

Rotterdam op Zondag

Rotterdam op Zondag (in Dutch – translation here) is a blog started by Rotterdam local Peter Snaterse. The blog revolves around fun activities that Rotterdam locals do on Sunday. This is a great idea since Sundays can be a bit boring as most shops are closed. This blog is a true gem for finding fun activities in Rotterdam to do on a chill Sunday afternoon!

Stadslog Rotterdam

A blog that is by and for Rotterdammers, the Stadslog Rotterdam (in Dutch – translation here) runs itself as an information hub for what’s new and hot in Rotterdam. This blog dedicates itself to gaining new information about the city of Rotterdam regularly, from small events to restaurant openings, and new public works (projects, street art, monuments), ensuring that Rotterdam locals know what is happening in their city!

Vers Beton

Vers Beton (in Dutch – translation here) is a blog that really delves deep into life in Rotterdam. They don’t talk about the nicest places to visit or things to do during your visit. It’s a place to talk about the city, for critical thinking,  reflection, and improvement. Alongside that, they also delve deep into the city, tell the stories of locals and their experience with the city. You can easily spend hours just reading about it all!

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