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Dmitriy Ivanov (1978)

About me
Your friend and humble narrator has lived in St Petersburg pretty much ever since it was given its old name back. I was born in Leningrad though, and I think that the city has changed quite a bit since the 1980s.

My neighbourhood, Polyustrovo, is located in the northeast, across the river from the city centre. It is pretty quiet, reasonably well connected to the rest of the world, but most importantly it is very familiar.

I work as translator and researcher, and I spend much time on books, records, vegan food and beer. I do venture out occasionally.

Why St. Petersburg?
St Petersburg is a great place, if only by its sheer size – just statistically it means that a lot of awesome things happen there, or can be obtained.

However, this is to explain why life there can be good. The emotions that I get when crossing a familiar bridge and gazing at the lead-grey waters of the Neva rolling along are still fresh, breathtaking, sharp, but hard to put into words. Which is to say I guess I’m addicted to this city.

St Petersburg is already reasonably diverse and fun but the more the merrier, and I hope that more people venture a little out of their comfort zones. There’s no such thing as too much diversity. I am Dmitriy, and I bid you welcome.

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