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Joel Rapi (1970)

About me
I grew up in Stockholm and I have distinct early memories of my father taking me on walks around the city explaining the different neighborhoods and history to me. Especially the Old Town made a strong impression, contrasting the northern suburbs where I grew up.

Although traveling has always been important to me, even a necessity and at times an obsession, my home remains in Stockholm. Since a few years I also freelance as a qualified Stockholm tour guide allowing me to combine my passionate relationship with this city, its history and to share these experiences with others.

Why Stockholm?
Like any city, Stockholm has evolved over time. She may not be as dynamic and fast paced as New York, as chic or refined as Paris. Still, she’s elegant, can be painfully beautiful and given time and some patience, will allow you to get to know her intimately. And who can deny her that cleanliness and fresh air adds to her allure, certainly a comfortable partner with whom to settle down with.

Yes, I’m in love with this city but like all long term relationships, there are ups and downs. Mood swings and disappointments. But hey, I’ll be glad to guide you to some great spots around Stockholm, some wonderful places that I’m sure you will find interesting.

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