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Dmitri Korobtsov (1980)

About me
IT professional and freelance photographer. For mostof my life I’ve lived in Tallinn with some relatively short periods away (Several years in Tartu, one in Võru, and a couple of years in Arabia, in Yemen).

Although I was born in Kaliningrad (Königsberg), I have never spent more than three months in a row there – my parents moved to Estonia just before my first birthday.

I have a real passion for travel and photography: using every chance to spend all my vacations abroad – meeting new people, discovering new countries and taking pictures. At the same time I never stop exploring my hometown and its suburbs, one never knows where you can find new amazing locations.

Why Tallinn?
I have seen a lots of different cities and am always trying to compare. Of course, there are numerous places on Earth which may be better places for living. With warmer climates and more advanced infrastructure, without ever-blowing winds and other unexpected surprises like Baltics has to offer. At the same time I have never seriously thought about moving elsewhere.

Tallinn has every single thing I can’t imagine my life without: it is green, located by the sea and has its own fantastic atmosphere. And last but not least: I really love our Old Town, it resembles some beautiful gem with endless facets to me. The more you uncover, the more remains hidden. Every time you walk down its narrow streets it’s easy to find something new, some interesting details never seen before.

Where can you find me online?

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