Ülemiste Tüdruk Tallinn

Image by Mari Sarapuu

Ülemiste Tüdruk – Largest mural in the Baltics

It’s becoming increasingly popular in Estonia to give character to buildings by having them decorated by enormous artwork – one of my favorites is Ülemiste Tüdruk in Tallinn. It is the biggest mural in the Baltics and possibly even in the Nordics. 1780 sq. meters created by Indrek Haas aka Von Bomb.

Ülemiste tüdruk is located in the ever-growing Ülemiste City neighborhood of IT companies and hubs – it cannot be a coincidence that the raindrops on the painting are made up from 1560 ones and zeros: binary code that hides a secret message – a verse by Estonian writer Debora Vaarandi.

Ülemiste City can be easily reached by train from Balti Jaam. Closeby are two large malls T1 and Ülemiste Keskus. You might want to get to Ülemiste City when it’s light out, maybe spend some time shopping and later on, check out Ülemiste Tüdruk in the darkness – the binary code rain lights up Matrix-style.

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Suur-Sõjamäe 12a, Tallinn

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24 hours daily


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