Central Bus Station Street Art Tel Aviv

Image by Tal Bright

Central Bus Station Street Art – 7th floor gallery

Tel Aviv’s central bus station (check out the article) is a massive, massive building. The typical experience of anyone in this station, local or tourist, is that of getting lost in a weird labyrinth while running late for the bus.

If you’re never going to find your bus, you might as well enjoy some art while you’re there ;).

One of the largest street art galleries I’ve ever seen is located on the 7th floor of Tel Aviv’s central station. It’s that large, because the art simply covers all the concrete walls around that floor, turning this otherwise dull and unattractive place into a magnificently colourful exhibition space. 

All types of street art are represented: spray paintings, stencils, stickers and paste-ups. The range of styles is also impressive. 

This is a completely legal street art project. The station collaborated with local artists and invited them to create art and decorate its walls. Some international urban artists also took part. The result is a permanent street art exhibition in the most unlikely place

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Levinski St 108, Tel Aviv

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24 hours daily


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