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Image by Sarale Gur Lavy

Nilus Bar – About a girl

The Nilus bar (Nilus is how we call the Niles river) stands where for many years a crap-selling store used to be. I guess the formal definition would be an antique store, but I think mine is much more accurate. So, it took me a while (and a girl I used to date with and now we’re just friends that told me “let’s go to the Nilus”) to notice that things have changed there.

Back when Israel was a British colony, the place used to be a hotel, and now that all the crap (antiques) and the shelves have been removed, you can actually see it.

What I super like there is: first, they squeeze oranges (and maybe other fruits as well), which make any drink (except ones without oranges) much better. Second thing: the food is amazing. Not much variety, but everything tastes good. 

Although the place was established and is run by a woman-only staff, men are treated nice, maybe even as nice as women are treated. But I drink there so many glasses of gin and orange (the best addition to gin when it’s fresh), what do I know?

There are also all kind of cultural events taking place there; check their FB page so you won’t miss anything.

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Allenby 33, Tel Aviv

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Sun - Fri 18:00 - 03:00, Sat 19:00 - 03:00


Barinaga toast: ILS 30

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