The PhotoHouse / HaZalmania Tel Aviv

Image by Kathrin Petersen

The PhotoHouse / HaZalmania – See the old Israel

The Photohouse on Tchernikhovski St is my favourite place to buy souvenirs for friends and family. Photographer and founder Rudi Weissenstein captured life in Israel from the early 1930s through many decades. You will see the Gordon Swimming Pool in the ’50s, how small the trees of Rothschild Boulevard were in the ’30s and see pictures of the declaration of Independence of Israel in 1948. But he documented not only life in Tel Aviv and Jaffa, but also everyday life all over the country. Even if you don’t want to buy any posters, postcards, coasters, magnets or calendars, it’s worth spending an afternoon just browsing through the archive.

After Rudi’s death, his wife Miriam – who you will see jumping in her younger years on the iconic Tel Aviv Poster in the shop – continues to run the shop. The original studio was opened in Allenby Street 30, but in 2011 it was threatened to be closed down for a new construction project.

“Life in Stills” is the documentary movie about how the 96-year-old Miriam and her grandson Ben Peter managed the struggle to keep the studio and Rudi’s legacy alive.

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