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Cameron Bryant

About me
I am a lawyer who loves to explore the world, and especially my own city! I’ve lived in Toronto since 2010 and this is definitely my adopted home. I love restaurants, art galleries, shopping, and the quirky little places which make a city truly unique. I also love movies, live music, theatre, cooking and bad TV.

Why Toronto
Toronto is a great, livable city. You can get around easily, and many places are in walking distance. It’s a city made up of different neighbourhoods, all with their own particular feel. It’s very green here, with plenty of parks and green spaces, and people have that city edge tempered with your typical Canadian friendliness. We have so much going on here, and it feels like Toronto is on the brink of being a truly world-class city.

Where else can you find me online?
My IG – @camccbryant – where you’ll see lots of food pics, photos from my travels, and some shameless selfies.

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