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Cameron Bryant (1988)

About me
I grew up in London, Ontario, and moved to Toronto in 2010 to attend law school. I am a lawyer and lease negotiator in the health care sector. I also have a passion for the arts, particularly movies and music, travel, writing, and enjoy being a source of knowledge about where to eat and drink in the city. I enjoy being a chameleon- comfortable in white tablecloth restaurants and dive bars, business class and the back of a van hurtling through the Atlas Mountains. Variety, for me, is the spice of life, and my life is well-seasoned.

Among my favourite things in life are Radiohead, Gustav Klimt’s portraits, Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Woolf, Xavier Dolan movies, The Sopranos, a perfect burger, gin and tonics, Japanese fashion, Paris in the nighttime, Florence in the daytime, an all night dance party, and, of course, my family and friends to enjoy it all with.

Why Toronto?
The best thing about Toronto is its diversity. You will find people from every country, speaking nearly every language, all congregating here. Unlike many other cities, we embrace our diversity and use it to define us- we do not demand assimilation. It has created a unique mix that permeates culture, food, drink, architecture- you name it. It is what makes us distinct from anywhere else.

You will often hear that Toronto is a city of neighbourhoods, and it’s true. Each has its own feel, its own type of resident, and its own treasures to uncover. After nearly six years here, there are still whole swathes of the city that remain a mystery to me, and I love that. I still have so much to explore.

Toronto is often placed in comparison to other world-class cities in the region. We do lack the mountains of Vancouver, or the feeling of power that New York imbues its residents with, but Torontonians don’t really care. The city has steadily become more and more of a liveable, international city as years go by, and we don’t need anyone to acknowledge that for us. We love it, and that’s really what matters.

I love to travel, and I continue to explore the world. And I may go somewhere and say “it was so much BETTER there!” but this will always be my home. Every time I return to the city, taking the train into downtown or in a cab from the airport, and I see the CN Tower, I am reminded where I am, I take a deep breath, and I feel home again.

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