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Cassandra Della Mora

About me
Born and raised in the northern area of Toronto, I am proud to now call myself a resident of the beautiful midtown area of the city, which I am also lucky enough to work in! I’m a teacher and the Stewardship & Sustainability Coordinator at the school where I work, but my passion for protecting our planet extends beyond that. Over five years ago now, I started a Conscious Cass Instagram blog to share my journey of transitioning to low-waste, plant-based, sustainable living. In 2021, I took things a step further with the launch of, a website with the goal of helping residents of “The Six” live more sustainably. I now use TikTok as a way to continue to share insights into my sustainable lifestyle.

Why Toronto?
Of course there’s the obvious piece about it being one of the most diverse cities in the world, but even better are the incredible shops and restaurants that are located here because of that diversity! These businesses also help to form some of the coolest neighbourhoods in the city, each of which has its own unique vibe making them visit worthy by locals and tourists alike. As a conscious consumer, it’s also been cool to see the growth of shops and programs that help me live sustainably – yet another reason I love living in this big, beautiful city!

Where can you find me online?

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