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David Titcumb (1987)

About me
About me? Well, er, hi. My name is David. I am from Coventry in England. I left when I was 19 to study English at Queen’s University in Belfast (Northern Ireland). Halfway through my degree, I decided that it was high time I learned a foreign language, so I spent a year on an exchange in Bonn, Germany. Since then I have lived variously in England, Germany and Austria, and I have been teaching at a secondary school in the 17th district for just over two years.

My interests include football (not that strange game of hand-egg you find on the other side of the Atlantic), reading, cycling, and (most importantly) eating good food. I just love spending my money on posh kitchen utensils. Actually, something that I find wonderful about Austria is that it is not difficult to buy organic food at reasonable prices, and market places are abundant – it has really fed my interest for all things culinary.

I’m a keen traveller and I have been a Couchsurfer since I was a teenager. I really enjoy exploring new cities and I also love hosting people when I have time. I’m also a classic car enthusiast. I own a 1970 VW camper van which I have driven around Spain, Italy, Germany and lots of other places – the perfect car, as it is simple to repair and you can sleep in it if you ever break down. Plus, everyone waves at you.

Why Vienna?
I have been living in Vienna since 2011, and my initial reasons for moving here were to experience a big city atmosphere while at the same time working and studying in a German-speaking country.

Vienna fully deserves its reputation as a decadent, beautiful city, regularly topping standard of living charts (the public transport is literally amazing). Added to that, there really are an abundance of wonderful places that you can visit, and many of the experiences you have in Vienna are unique to the city. You’ve never tried such wonderful Sachertorte, for example, as the torte you can get at the Demel cafe or the Hotel Sacher.

That’s quite a banal example, but clearly the city has its own wonderful, unique atmosphere. And (most of) the people are very friendly.

Where can you find me online?

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