30 of the best local jazz clubs & bars in Europe


The Jazz Bar, Edinburgh (by Gwilym Sims-Williams)

Any season, any time, any mindset…Jazz is most always a delightful soothing sound to listen to. In this list you’ll find many Jazz bars or cafés with live Jazz nights, which our locals love to frequent. So if you find yourself near one of the listed spots or in any of our cities, don’t hesitate to fill your head with these lovely sounds.

So, without further ado, in random order, a selection of our Spotters’ favorite Jazz haunts!

1) Zosch, Berlin

Zosch, Berlin (by Sarah Curth)

Zosch, Berlin (by Sarah Curth)

With diverse performances every night (including the weekly performance by the New Orleans jazz band La Foot Creole), Zosch, an alternative music cellar in Mitte is as local as you can get, according to our Berlin Spotter Sarah!

2) Jazzbuka, Belgrade


Jazzbuka, Belgrade (by Xavier Francuski)

Our Belgrade Spotter Xavier dubs Jazzbuka a “[…]a classy yet casual music themed bar right in the heart of the city”, with live performances taking place mainly on weekends, but some workdays as well.

3) Charity Jazz Cafe, Rome


Charity Jazz Cafe, Rome (by Antonina Sinagra)

Antonina, one of our Rome locals wrote about Charity Jazz Cafe, in which, after having a glass of wine with free refills (it’s still technically one glass, right?), you can listen to “[…] an interesting mix of professionals one night, friends of a friend, musicians that had a night free and decided to play for fun, open mic sessions and entertaining jam sessions where most of the pub gets involved”.

4) The Jazz Bar, Edinburgh

An underground cavern jazz bar? Why not! Our Edinburgh local Gwilym, a musician himself, says that in his favorite live jazz venue, The Jazz Bar“laid-back acoustic and jazz start around 18:00, but things heat up later on as funkier/rockier acts take the stage”.

5) Bacchus Jazz bar, Zagreb

Live music from Wednesday to Saturday, set in the backdrop of a detail-filled  bar with a delicious wine list, at Kruno’s favorite Bacchus Jazz Bar.

6) Sax Pub, Ljubljana


Sax Pub, Ljubljana (by Jošt Derlink)

Spotter Jošt Derlink mostly recommends the Sax Pub for its atmosphere. “It’s well known for its great atmosphere, especially during the summer, when they have concerts on a stage near Gradascica River, which was made by Slovenian architect Joze Plecnik.”

7) Pink Houdini, Sarajevo


Pink Houdini, Sarajevo (by Pink Houdini)

Our Bosnian Spotter Zina loves the Pink Houdini, a jazz bar with 24/7 opening times and live performances by “[…] old Sarajevo music-veterans and fresh new talents”.

8) 55 Jazz, Bucharest


55 Jazz, Bucharest (by Florin Mitrica)

Jazz is definitely alive in Romania with 55 Jazz‘s beautiful interior design, smooth drinks and recitals by local and foreign musicians!

9) Divan, Kiev


Divan, Kiev (by Maria Kashpur)

Quite a spot from our Ukrainian local Maria! Free performances, an interesting and extensive food and cocktail menu, stylish decor… What’s not to like about Divan?

10) B flat Jazz Club, Berlin


B flat Jazz Club, Berlin (by B flat)

Local Natalia talks about B flat and some other places to visit for interesting jam sessions in Berlin. If you’re so inclined, you can fill up your entire week with some smooth tunes in this city!

11) Harlem Jazz Club, Barcelona

harlem-jazz-club-barcelona-(by-sean-hurson) (1)

Harlem Jazz Club, Barcelona (by Sean Hurson)

According to Barcelona local Sean, most days are fine for swinging by Harlem Jazz Club, and sometimes you’ll get more than one show for the night. Take it from Sean, you’ll be getting “[…] great musicians, a mix of genres, and a guaranteed good time dancing when you’re there”. Definitely check out this hidden gem of the Gothic quarter!

12) Kloostri Ait, Tallinn

“On weekend nights there will be beautiful piano and jazz concerts. What could be nicer after a long walk than a warm fireplace, glass of good wine and soft jazz music filling the room. ” This entire Kloostri Ait recommendation from Kristiina really sets the mood for a perfect night out.

13) Hot Clube de Portugal, Lisbon

A jazz bar with an intriguing and lengthy history, top quality performances and, interestingly, a jazz school for enthusiasts, run in parallel. Hot Clube de Portugal, spotted by our Lisbon local Raquel.

14) Alexey Kozlov Club, Moscow


Alexey Kozlov Club, Moscow (by Alexandra Kinevskaya)

This comfy jazz venue in Moscow doesn’t make you feel inferior like some of the other, classier bars do, says local Alexandra. Daily performances of excellent music, some of them even free of charge!

15) Stampen, Stockholm


Stampen, Stockholm (by Miranda Bachelder)

“Founded in the 1960’s it’s been the local waterhole for musicians and music lovers ever since and has long been an important site for independent jazz and blues music.” Stampen definitely deserves a visit from any jazz fan in Stockholm, according to our Swedish local Miranda. 

16) Jazzhouse, Copenhagen

Copenhagen local Cindy wholeheartedly recommends this place by saying “it’s the place to go in Copenhagen, especially for contemporary jazz acts – but other genres find their way to Jazzhouse as well”. Enjoy their late night concerts on weekends to properly unwind from a busy week!

17) O.U.R. Bar, Belgrade


O.U.R. Bar, Belgrade (by Milos Vuksic)

Belgrade local Dušan: at O.U.R. Bar “Cozy atmosphere is enriched with jazzy vibes, that turn into either live jazz in the evening or more dance-able sounds, mostly based on nu jazz, bossanova or disco. The piano is not a mere aesthetic detail, it’s actually played on during unplugged jazz sets.”

18) Fasching’s Club Soul, Stockholm


Faschings Club Soul, Stockholm (by Natalia Urbanska)

According to local Natalia, Fasching’s Club Soul “[…] is mainly known for their Jazz concerts. So if you’re into Jazz, this is certainly your spot!”

19) “Λούης” Louis, Athens

Margarita, our Greek Spotter recommends this jazz cafe in Kerameikos. Homely decor and occasional live gigs make Cafe Louis a great stop for afficionados.

20) DAD Café, Riga

Local Martins recommends the livelier evenings at DAD Café: “On the other hand some evenings here are more lively as jazz musicians make their performances. The cafe fills up with warm atmosphere, great music and smiling guests for a fine happening.”

21) Jazzhus Montmartre, Copenhagen


Jazzhus Montmartre, Copenhagen (by Massimo Fiorentino)

An all-in-great-night-out at Jazzhus Montmartre according to local Elina: “Many people like to come for a dinner before the concert and continue the evening with the greatest jazz artists of today.”

22) Hot Club de Gand, Ghent


Hot Club de Gand, Ghent (by Jasper Hamerlynck)

“It’s a small dark place, which is usually very crowded in the evening with students and thirty-somethings. Often there’s a jazz or blues concert, but it’s not a pure jazz bar as its Parisian namesake. The eclectic line-up will surprise you.” A quote from Spotter Julie about Hot Club de Gand.

23) De Belmonte, Brussels

De Belmonte seems to have figured out its niche quite well – gins and jazz! Local Nettah recommends their Thursday night jazz gigs with no cover charge, as well as the live music program on weekend nights!

24) Jazz Book, Bucharest


Jazz Book, Bucharest (by Florin Mitrica)

A small and intimate jazz bar/restaurant has been spotted in Bucharest by local Florin. Jazz Book has good food and drinks with regular live performances for connoisseurs!

25) Jazz n Jazz, Athens

Jazz n Jazz, Athens (by Margarita Kalogeropoulou)

“Embedded in vintage decoration, pictures of jazz musicians, CDs and jazz music (at exactly the right volume) you will most probably stay there (red: Jazz n Jazz) until they throw you out.” Sounds like Athens local Margarita means business!

26) Dachboden, Vienna

Vienna local Julia about Dachboden: “My favorite: Wednesday night! If swing/soul/jazz is your thing, you are going to like this.”

27) Jazzkeller, Frankfurt


Jazzkeller, Frankfurt (by Parul Bhasin)

Frankfurt local Parul speaks about this place: “This basement bar/pub has been all about the music since 1952 and has played its part in the history of jazz and will continue doing so in the future.” Jam sessions on Wednesdays, live concerts three days of the week, DJ sets… Jazzkeller seems serious about delivering tasty jams.

28) Jedermann, Budapest


Jedermann, Budapest (by Hélène Bienvenu)

Run by a Dutch jazz musician, Jedermann in the heart of Budapest boasts stylish decor, a chill atmosphere and live performances! Recommended by our local Hélène!

29) Jazz Philharmonic Hall, Saint Petersburg


Jazz Philharmonic Hall, Saint Petersburg (by Dmitry Privalovich)

A whole bunch of tasty jazz program in this stylish venue has been spotted by Saint Petersburg local Dmitry. If you’re a jazz lover and find yourself in this part of Russia, check out the Jazz Philharmonic Hall‘s two stages with daily performances!

30) Pipa Club, Barcelona

Local Bill says: “But it’s not just pipe smokers who meet here – the club hosts milonga and tango classes and there’s a regular program of jazz gigs.” about Pipa Club.

So there you are, a small selection of the many great jazz club recommendations that Spotters from our 51 Europe cities have shared!

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