25 Best Parks in Europe

hardau-park (by-christine-syrad)

Hardau Park Zurich  (by Christine Syrad)

Going out to a nice park when the weather is at its best is priceless. You would see friends taking a nice stroll together, families barbecuing or people just laying on the grass reading a good book. Everyone loves a good day at the park and our Spotters are no exception.

Here is our list of 25 parks in Europe our Spotters love – in random order. Enjoy!

1. Hardau Park – Zurich

Hardau Park is a hidden gem in Zurich, but once you find it, you would know where you are. You would not be able to miss the huge slingshot staring right at you. There us  a variety of activities you can do at the park, depending on your interests. Go there with your favourite book or how about do a bit of morning yoga on one of the yoga platforms available. Do not leave before you try out what the slingshot can do!

2. DakPark – Rotterdam

Dakpark-rooftop (by-Rsastrowidjojo)

Dakpark rooftop Rotterdam (by R. Sastrowidjojo)

High above the roof tops in the neighbourhood of Delfshaven in Rotterdam, you would find DakPark. It is a man-made park reaching lengths of 1200 meters. Once you reach there, you would be able to have the pleasure of seeing a Mediterranean Herbal Garden or a communal garden with has fruit bearing trees.

The park also has a playing area to keep the small ones entertained and a restaurant.

3. Millenáris Park – Budapest

Millenaris-park (by-helene-bienvenu)

Millenaris park Budapest (by Helene Bienvenu)

On the Buda side of Budapest lies Millanáris Park. One things that makes the park unique is the wide pond in the middle of it. It is possible to walk over the water, on the bridge, and observe the fishes swimming underneath. Spotter Helene describes the park has having a Japanese feel to it. It is a park for both children and adults and a lot of families go there in the weekend.

4.Ulus Park – Istanbul

ulus-park (by-cem-aksel)

Ulus Park Istanbul (by Cem Akeel)

You would not find a better view of Istanbul’s Bosphorus than from the hill tops of Ulus Park. Besides offering a stunning view the park also has a pathway to walk, where you can take magnificent pictures of the strait. When you have taken enough pictures, you can have a refreshing drink at the café situated on the top of the hill. If you are looking to have nice meal in the evening, you should be sure to check out the restaurant Sunset, which serves delicious high-end food.

5. Lucavsala Park – Riga

lucavsala-park (by-martins-veidemanis)

Lucavsala Park Riga (by Martins Veidemanis)

Located in Riga, Lucavsala Park is an open space, where everything fun is allowed. From only a year ago, this place has transformed from a deplorable site to a wonderful park, where people can come, relax and enjoy the good weather.

Why not do a somersault while you eat an ice cream or even sing a song out loud? Join the  crowd of happy people, take off your shoes and enjoy the sun.

6.Kelvingrove Park – Glasgow

kelvingrove-park (by-gill-davies)

Kelvingrove Park Glasgow (by Gill Davies)

Created for the people of Glasgow during the Industrial Revolution, Kelvingrove Park can be said to be park with a historical past. Today, the park has a lot to offer. The Kelvingrove museum and Art gallery is situated on its grounds.

For the more active person, the park offers a number of tennis courts and a skateboarding area. For those cold rainy day, you can stop by the café for a cup of hot coffee or tea.

7. Park Skaryszewski – Warsaw

park-skaryszewski (by-szymon-kubiak)

Park Skaryszewski Warsaw (by Szymon Kubiak)

Park Skaryszewski was voted the 3rd most loveliest park in Europe, that should make anyone want to visit it. Enter it and you would be entering nature at its best. See if you can identify the 280 different species of trees or spot a squirrel running by?

There is a lake with an island and as well as a number of flowing rivers. Guests can also take a ride on the charming Oxbow lake.

8. Turkenschanzpark – Vienna

turkenschanzpark (by-blattlimwind)

Turkenschanzpark Vienna (by Blattlimwind)

Our Spotter David describes this park as a real threat. Whenever you happen to be in Vienna, take time out to visit the Turkenschanspark. Come here to experience nature at its best. Eat an ice cream, while you listen to birds singing or even discover a new plant species. This park also has a variety of flowers just waiting to share their enticing scent with you.

9. Villa Sciarra – Rome

villa-sciarra (by-tiziano-virive)

Villa Sciarra Rome (by Tiziano Virive)

Looking for park where you can unwind after a long day of sightseeing? Then Villa Sciarra in Rome is the right park for you. Located between Gianicolo hill and the Monteverde quarter and within a walking distance from Trastevere lays this hidden gem, not known to many. Its quiet and undisturbed feel, would calm your senses and soothe your soul.

10. La Ciutadella Park – Barcelona

la-ciutadella (by-pedro-ghinaglia)

La Ciutadella Barcelona (by Pedro Ghinaglia)

La Ciutadella is one of the most beautiful parks in Barcelona. It has a very relaxed atmosphere to it, so it  perfect for a day out with the whole family. Parents can relax, while their kids play, or catch up on some reading.The park has a lot of cosy corners where people can sit and talk or just take a stroll around the many sculptures and statues.

11. Eimsbuttler Park – Hamburg

eimsbuttler-park (by-daniela-bott)

Eimsbuttler Park Hamburg (by Daniela Bott)

Eimsbuttler Park in Hamburg is described by Spotter Daniela as an Island of tranquility. The green stretches for miles with huge green trees making their presence known. It is the ideal place to escape from the stress of daily life and unwind in its peaceful surroundings.

A wading pool is filled up with water in the summer months and that makes it a popular site for families.

12. Greenwich Park – London

greenwich-park (by-megan-eaves)

Greenwich Park London (by Megan Eaves)

Greenwich Park in London is where the Greenwich Meridian Time starts. The park is situated on top of a hill , which makes it perfect for sky watchers and star gazers.

Guests to the park would also be able to visit The National Maritime Museum as well as the Royal Observatory. Of course, you could also just go there for a picnic or a game of catch with your dog.

13. Tapio Wirkkala Park – Helsinki

tapio-wirkkala (by-mirjam-nissinen)

Tapio Wirkkala Helsinki (by Mirjam Nissinen)

Tapio Wirkkala is a small artsy park in Finland. The square in the picture was designed by American artist Robert Wilson and gives the park a modern minimalist look.

A number of light fixtures are also scattered around accompanied by stone hedge-like statues. A special feature most like by the local kids, are the stones that rotate on small poles.

14. Victoria Park – London

victoria-park (by-matt-bramford)

Victoria Park London (by Matt Bramford)

Victoria Park in London is usually referred to as the ‘People’s Park’. It stretches across the London borough of Tower Hamlets. During the summer, you can rent a pedal or a rowing boat and go out onto the water with a friend.

You will have all the space you need, since there are only a limited number of boats available. Paddle or row down the river way that circles the lakes island and while you are there, check out the new Chinese pagoda.

15. Bernardinu soda – Vilnius

bernardin-sodai (by-kamil-narait)

Bernardin Soda Vilnius (by Kamil Narait)

Bernardinu sodai park can be found in the city of Vilnius. Located right in the city city, it is a popular hangout for both locals and tourist. Spotter Kamile paints a picture of it being a place where you can find anything you are looking for.

A lot of people cannot imagine a week going by without visiting this park. You can come here to relax, have fun and surround yourself with the peaceful nature of the park.

16. Rålambshovsparken – Stockholm

Rålambshovsparken (by-louise-blomberg)

Rålambshovsparken Stockholm (by Louise Lomberg)

Rålambshovsparken in Stockholm, is one of our Spotters Louise’s favourite. It is normally a place where people meet up to have afterwork beers or just to relax, but the main reason why Louise loves this place so much is the addition to the park, in the form of two giant climbing boulders. You can use it for free day and night and it is perfect for a bit a exercise as well.

17. Kongens Have – Copenhagen

kongens-have (by-david-brandt)

Kongens Have Copenhagen (by David Brandt)

Originally used as the king’s private garden, Kongens Have was opened to the public in 1770s. It is one of more popular parks in Copenhagen and sees many visitors during the summer period. It is very centrally located and many people stop by after work to enjoy a chill late afternoon with friends or mothers’ take a stroll with their carriage’s. During the summer, the park is busy with events such as The Puppet Theater and Outdoor Cinema.

18. Riegrovy Sady – Prague

riegrovy-sady  (by Katerina Kaftanova)

Riegrovy Sady Prague (by Katerina Kaftanova)

Riegrovy Sady is located in a very nice neighbourhood of Prague, according to our Spotter Katerina. On warm days, there is a large open air self-service bar where you can have a drink or watch a sport game.

One other thing that makes this park such a cool spot, is the view you get of the city. So if you have some free time, why not do as Katerina and sit for hours taking in the scene.

19. Bunny Park – Rome

bunny-park (by Antonina Sinagra)

Bunny Park Rome (by Antonina Sinagra)

Rome has a Bunny park, where these furry animals are allowed to wander freely and welcome as many cuddles as you can give them. Come her a few times a weeks to forget about the stress of daily life. The garden is open 24 hours a day so just stop by any time of the day.

20. Parque da Cidade – Porto

parque-da-cidade (by-vasco-figueiredo-teles)

Parque Da Cidade Porto (by Vasco Figueiredo Teles)

Who can resist a park with a sea front? Parque da Cidade in Porto is the largest park in Portugal and has a lot to offer in terms of what can be done at the park. You can walk, run, listen to music, enjoy the sun, whatever your heart desires.

You will also find a small forrest, a small farm with horses not forgetting a fair trade shop among others. The park is used all year long and is a popular spot for runners to meet up.

21. La Promenade Plantée – Paris

La-promenade-plantee (by-Tamara-Mesaric)

La Promenade Planted Paris  (by Tamara Mesaric)

La Promenade Plantée is the only elevated park in the world. It is located right the middle of the city and as you walk through it, and are surrounded by different plants and trees, you are still able to see the architecture of the city all around you. The park is usually not crowded and has a intimate feel to it.

22. Skopje’s City Park – Skopje

Skopjes-City-park (by-Vladimir-Calovski)

Skopjes City Park Skopjes (by Vladimir Calovski)

Skopje’s City Park can be found on the right ride of the river Varder. It is a place where you would see a lot of people jogging, riding their bicycles, doing exercise or rollerblading.

The city park is divided into sections, where you will a children amusement park and not forgetting mans best friend, who also have a section of the park. It is possible to buy drinks and snacks at the begging of the park and enjoy a day out with a friend.

23. Zrinjevac – Zagreb

Zrinjevac-Zagreb (by-Karla-Loncar)

Zrinjevac Zagreb (by Karla Loncar)

Zrinjevac in Zagreb is a park as well as a square and is part of the Green Shoehorse Project. The park is decorated with different fountains and a music pavilion. You can experience a number of live music events as well as art projects, which are held at the pavilion.

When the weather is good, people come out to the park to lay on the grass and enjoy the good sun. Over the years the place has become popular among young, who like go there in the evenings.

24.Moscovsky Victory Park – St. Petersburg

Moscovsky-victory (by-Elena-Kozlova)

Moscovsky Victory St.Petersburg (by Elena Kozlova)

Moscovsky Victory Park of St Petersburg can be found 20 minutes from the city centre. It is has a long history and a few memorials depicting one of the saddest times in St. Petersburg history.

Today the park is beautiful as ever with a wonderful walking area, including a system of oddly shaped lakes, which are surrounded by a channel of trees. In the winter, you can come ice skating on an outdoor ice rink.

25. Dudenpark – Brussels

Dudenpark (by-bart-azare)

Dudenpark Brussels (by Bart Azare)

When in Brussels, do not forget to stop by Dudenpark. The park is one of the oldest and the hilliest. From the highest side of the city, you would be able to get a panoramic view of the city. The northern part of the  park connects with the Forest Park, which forms a kinda green bridge to the industrial part of the city.

Over the winter period you might want to come here for a bit of sleighing fun.

What’s your favorite park in Europe?

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