Free tours by locals in Europe cities (Updated)

Free Sofia Tours

Residents of some of the most popular cities in the world are happy to share their city with you. But they want it represented correctly of course! So locals really are giving you their all in introducing their city to its visitors.

A few of our Spotted by Locals Sofia Spotters initiated the Free Sofia Tour. We joined their tour back when we were in Sofia, and were impressed by the enthusiasm, quality and professionalism.

While regular tour-guides get paid regardless of their performance, so they might not deliver a top quality tour, these free walking tours are purely based on the local’s love for his/her city and the interest in sharing knowledge with visitors.

We’ve found the following free tours in “our” cities in and around Europe:

Amsterdam, Netherlands: New Amsterdam ToursCity Free Tours360 AmsterdamFree Walking tours Amsterdam

Athens, Greece: Athens Free Walking TourAthens Free Tour

Barcelona, Spain: Runner Bean Tours, B Side Free Tour BarcelonaNew Barcelona Tours

Belgrade, Serbia: Belgrade Walking Tours

Berlin, Germany: Alternative Berlin ToursNew Berlin ToursOriginal Berlin Tours

Bratislava, Slovakia: Be Free Tours

Brussels, Belgium: Brussels GreetersNew Brussels Free Tour

Bucharest, Romania: Walkabout Free Tours

Budapest, Hungary: Free Budapest Walking ToursFree Budapest Tours

Cologne, Germany: Can You Handle It? ToursFree Walk Cologne

Copenhagen, Denmark: New Copenhagen ToursFree Walking Tours

Dublin, Ireland: New Dublin Tours

Edinburgh, Scotland: New Edinburgh Tours

Florence, Italy: Florence Free Tour

Ghent, Belgium: iTours Free tours in GhentFree Walking ToursCan You Handle It? Tours

Hamburg, Germany: New Hamburg ToursFree Walking Tours

Helsinki, Finland: Free Walking Tour

Kiev, Ukraine: Free Tours

Krakow, Poland: Free Walking Tour

Lisbon, Portugal: Lisbon Free Tour

London, UK: New London ToursAlternative London Free Tour

Madrid, Spain:  New Madrid Tours

Milan, Italy: Milan Free Tour

Moscow, Russia:  Moscow Free Tour

Munich, Germany: New Munich Free Tour

Oslo, Norway: Oslo Free Tour

Paris, France: City Free TourNew Paris Tours

Porto, Portugal: Porto Free Tour

Prague, Czech Republic: Extravaganza Free TourNew Prague Free TourRoyal Walk Free Tour

Riga, Latvia: Yellow Free Tours

Rome, Italy: New Rome Free TourRome Free Tour

Rotterdam, Netherlands: Ani & Haakien Hostel

Saint Petersburg, Russia: Saint Petersburg Free Tour

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina: Free Sarajevo Walking ToursSarajevo Insider Free Tour

Skopje, Macedonia: Free Tours Network

Sofia, Bulgaria: Free Sofia Tour

Stockholm, Sweden: Free Tour Stockholm

Tallinn, Estonia: Yellow Free Tours

Tel Aviv, Israel: New Tel Aviv Tour

Thessaloniki, Greece: Free Walking Tours

Venice, Italy: Venice Free Walking Tours

Vienna, Austria: Big Boy Travel

Vilnius, Lithuania: Yellow Free Tours

Warsaw, Poland: Tip TripFree Walking TourBreak in Warsaw

Zagreb, Croatia: Free Walking ToursFree Tour Zagreb

Zurich, Switzerland: Free Walk Zurich

Free walking tours are an awesome way to get to know a new city through locals (usually residents volunteer to be guides) if you’re traveling on a budget, but remember that, even though the tours are technically free, most of them are tip-based. If you attend one of these tours, you donate depending on your satisfaction and resources.

A quote from United Europe Free Tours: “Guides do not get paid for their work and are very much aware of the fact that if they do not provide an exceptionally good tour, they get no tips. As a result, free tours promise to be interesting, entertaining, professional and fun.  Its a win-win situation for all.”

These tours go extremely well with the idea behind our guides. They both come down to local people sharing their city and their perspectives with you so that your experience would be as authentic as possible. If you use the tours to get an idea of the layout of the city, our “spots” that you’d like to visit will be much easier to find! Also, you might meet some travel companions during these tours that you could take to some of our “spots” and enjoy local recommendations together!

We update this list once a year. Run or know a 100% free tour by locals in a major European city from our list? Let us know in the comments so we can add yours to it!

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