10 Unique Flea Markets in Europe

Plainpalais Flea Market by Thomas R Faria

Plainpalais Flea Market by Thomas dos Reis Faria

Every spring that urge to go out and enjoy the outdoors comes around; enjoying an afternoon at a park, playing sports, sitting in a nice cafe or even shopping on the street. And there’s nothing like a flea market to find or haggle for cheap and unusual items. But we can also agree that flea markets can become over-saturated and unpleasant to visit when they’re too big or well known.

At Spotted by Locals our locals try to show you that there are still some new or unique markets to discover just before they become too touristy and bring them to you. Here is a list of our favorite flea markets to visit!

1. IJhallen in Amsterdam

IJhallen – by Bart van Poll

Situated in the North of Amsterdam, IJhallen is considered one of the biggest flea markets in Europe. For the entrance fee of € 4.50, you can get access to the endless piles and piles of stuff, mainly clothes. If you are bargain lover, we have a useful tip from our Amsterdam Spotter. For a slightly higher entrance fee, you can enter the flea market before opening hours, which increases your chances of grabbing the best treasures…

2. Feriköy in Istanbul

Image by Deniz Donmez

Image by Deniz Donmez

The Feriköy area has been the home for Istanbul’s Greek and Armenian residents. This flea market is always set up every Sunday, and is usually crowded at its entrance as people are looking forward to some gözleme being sold there. Right in this area, replacing this flea market every Saturday, is an organic farmer’s market.

3. Vossenplein in Brussels

Image by Davy Verbeke

Image by Davy Verbeke

This flea market is based in the historical Marollen district and has been active since 1873, basically it is a century old by now. Most of the items that can be found here date way back to the past with some being almost as old as the flea market itself.

4. Encants de Barcelona in Barcelona

Image by Denise Graus

Image by Denise Graus

A flea market full of history, this one has aged over 750 years since its first appearance. The special event to look out for when visiting this flea market is the auction system that they have going on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 07:00 to 09:00 and apparently the only flea market to make use of this system today. The estimated amount of visitors weekly reaches 100.000 and one of those could be you!

5. Midnight Bazar in Munich


Image by Ayla Amschlinger

Midnight Bazar is a great place for vintage hunting in Munich. It usually opens at 17:00 and after paying a small entrance fee, tons of cool stuff, clothes, vinyls and bits and bobs are waiting for you. Additionally, you can buy some snack and drinks at the stand to get some extra energy for bargaining.

Getting nostalgic over some well-known records from your teenage years, having a great time buying redundant stuff for less than € 1, or finding trendy items that are sold out everywhere else – flea markets have it all!

6. Plainpalais in Geneva

Image by Diana Orduna

Image by Diana Orduna

The Geneva flea market in Plainpalais is personally one of my favorites. Open on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 08:00 – 17:00, the area around it is especially nice during the day, with cafes, restaurants and even a skating area. This is the type of area you can go by bike, practice sports or just run around it and stop to buy something: antiques from all over the world, clothes and even computer games are available in this market!

7. Il Mercatino in Rome

Image by Ivan Marra

Il Mercatino by Ivan Marra

If you’re a fan of the indoors, you can always go down to the indoor Il Mercatino in Rome, suggested by our Spotter Ivan Marra. If you don’t want to buy any vintage items you might want to check out their section of old newspapers, and do not forget Ivan’s tips on the the discounts applied after 60 days!

8. Tauras in Vilnius

Image by Marek Ivanovskis

Being the biggest flea market in Vilnius, you can always see a number of people here every Saturday, even if it is raining or snowing. It is important to know the timing to get to here as mentioned by Marek, 08:00 is still early but when it gets to 10:00 you might just be too late. Even though you see many clothing items for sale, things ranging from coins and bills to porcelain figures are also sold here!

9. Nowkölln Flowmarkt in Berlin

Nowkölln Flowmarkt by Sharon Mertins

Image by Sharon Mertins

The Nowkölln Flowmarkt, is hip even in the way that it is spelled! As our Berlin spotter Sharon Mertins describes it: “It’s still small enough to have a very meticulous look about it and still local enough to find your next door neighbor selling homemade chocolate cake and coffee.”

10. Marché aux puces St-Michel in Montreal

Image by Claudia Lavallee

Image by Claudia Lavallee

Last but not least, this flea market opens for three days from Friday to Sunday opening from 09:00 to 17:00. They sell more vintage items here like vintage toys, ancient tools, dresses and books that can be a century old is. It is indoor so nothing will stop you from enjoying your time here!

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