Inga Marie Ramcke (1980)

About me
I do professional city tours in the most beautiful town that I know: Hamburg. And believe me, I’ve seen quite a few, due to my frequent travels as a childrens book author and academic. I love education and the arts, so why not check out some great places in Hamburg that show both of them? And, well, to be honest, I am a foodie as well… So with me you’ll find some unknown treasure spots that show the very interesting history of my home town (I was born here and am a 6th generation Hamburger)

Why Hamburg
My city is lush green. You can relax in parks and at the edge of the many waterways. I especially like the combination of water and green and you can find many pleasant spots like that.

Since I am a swing dancer I love my fellow freaky dancers crowd as well as the arts scene, with many beautiful art work from my colleagues around. So basically I love the possibilities my hometown is offering me: the eclectic combination of arts, food, culture, music, cinemas as well as beautiful architecture and parks and water. ‘nough said. Please explore! 🙂

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