Image by Geoffrey Dunbar

Navigating Central Park – Location tips

This will help you plan Manhattan walking trips, and ration your stamina: there are about twenty street blocks to a mile (say, 72nd Street to 92nd Street) and about six avenue blocks to a mile (say from 11th Avenue to Fifth Avenue).

In Central Park, and especially in The Ramble, it is easy to become disoriented and even lost. The paths curl and twist and you can’t see any landmarks for the forest. What to do? Find a lamp post. Look carefully for its identifier tag; there is a small, rectangular plate affixed to nearly every lamp post. The first two digits represent what street you would be on if the streets ran clear through the park.

The photo shows a lamp post located in The Ramble, correctly identifying its location as being near enough to the line that connects 76th Street were it to run through the park.

One blizzardy morning around 4am, a few years ago, I tracked a coyote through the park by following the direction from which it had come, to its den in The Ramble. These identifying plates helped me figure out exactly where that den was. To this day, only I and the coyotes know.

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