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Andreas Papadopoulos (1983)

About me
I was born in Koln, grew up in northern Greece, studied in Crete and finally landed in Athens for work reasons in 2006.

For up to 6 years now I’ve worked in the music industry and I have attended over 500 concerts throughout the Attica. My friends consider me as a very sociable person, although I am not sure about it… What I am sure of is that I am a restless spirit that loves to go around a lot and discover new places all the time. I’m curious to explore every door… and most of the time I find something very interesting behind it ;-).

Why Athens?
Athens has great weather and so many different types of people. Everyday something new happens in some neighborhood. You can always find something new to explore.

At the same time Athens has an ugly face that you hate, but you can’t ever leave this town. History, culture, sun, sea, food, nightlife and many more are the inspiration to keep loving and exploring Athens.

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