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Margarita Kalogeropoulou (1979)

About me
I first came to live in Athens when I was 25. Until then I had spent all my years at University in Austria and had grown up in a little city in the south of Greece called Nafplio (by the way, that’s a nice holiday destination!). Athens seemed to be enormous, ugly and loud to me. But still, it attracted me in its own peculiar way.

Now I am still attracted to Athens even though the city and the country has had its ups and downs. During this time, my life has also changed a thousand times and even though many keep asking “why are you still in Greece?” I can only respond … “Well, I kind of like it here”.

So this is me: Margarita, changing jobs, apartments, life situations and getting older in Athens!

Why Athens

  • Because it is Athens. And yes this sentence has no meaning but still it tells you everything: can’t change it, can’t love it, but you still like it.
  • Because every few months you’ll really discover something totally new.
  • Honestly? My friends are here!
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