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Carlos Domeque (1971)

About me
I was born in Caracas, Venezuela and at the age of eleven moved to London where I grew up, studied Art History and Spanish Lit and went on to work in the film business for many years, often travelling for projects.

In 2009, I moved to the Catalan countryside and then to Barcelona, the Pearl of the Mediterranean. The reasons for moving were multiple, but chief among them was the need for sunshine and to live in a city at a human scale, things I wasn’t finding in the UK. I have always loved travel and history, so wherever I end up I always like to find out about local customs and narratives. I like to blog about life in this city, making indie films and anything else that comes into my head.

Why Barcelona
I first visited Barcelona in 1983 to visit our cousins from here. It was a dustier slightly grimier town then, not like the polished tourist magnet is has become since the 1992 Olympics. But its charm and warmth struck me from then on and I travelled to it as often as possible. Even during the day-to-day, when life is dominated by the mundane, I constantly have moments when I realise how good-looking this city is: a beautiful building around the corner, a street festival or simply a glimpse of the Mediterranean from the bus.

The mayhem of urban living is made bearable and more human by a still very present sense of neighbourhood identity, making Barcelona sometimes feel like a patchwork of distinct villages. Add to this a population that becomes more and more cosmopolitan and the mix is fascinating and exciting. I have always had the travel bug, yet Barcelona is the first, and only, place that made me think “this is where I want to grow old”.

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