Mar Maroun Church Beirut

Image by Viera Obeid

Mar Maroun Church – A place for reflection

Every city’s history breathes through its historical monuments, buildings and churches. Churches that have quietly witnessed the prayers of all the believers and visitors for ages.

Mar Maroun (or Saint Maroun) church, situated at the borders of Gemmayze street and Saifi Village, is the biggest Maronite church in Lebanon. It is dedicated to Saint Maroun, the founder of the Maronite catholic sect. The church was built in the late 19th century in the traditional stone architecture style that’s typical for the area.

From outside it has a rectangular shape with two parallel towers having a cross on the top of each. The crosses flare up at night. The interior is splendid: many two- coloured arches, so-called ablaqs, are used. The style reminds me of Moorish & Pisan architecture. You can feel the Arab touch on this Christian building.

There is also a beautiful crystal chandelier illuminating the nave. The altar part is embellished by a painting of Saint Maroun. You can enjoy a small terrace with some stone benches in front of the church. The flooring is decorated by a typical stone mosaic khokhlaki. It is a peaceful spot for meditation, maybe you can spot pere Richard there.

If you wish, you can attend a mass on Sunday at 18:00. For me, it was interesting to listen to a liturgy in Arabic, to observe that even some songs are the same, just in a different language. Mar Maroun has a special place in my heart, because I got married there <3.

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