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Dušan Lopušina (1981)

About me
My love affair with words and writing started back in the 80s. Each day I’m marking the anniversary, as I write. Journalist by vocation, working in public relations, I love bringing Belgrade and its stories closer to people, along with stories on inspiring spots elsewhere. I have another love affair with music, as well as many others.

Why Belgrade?
Because the most beautiful places here are the ones that are most unpretentious. Because of the people who won’t let it become dull and/or ugly. Because of its lively and lovely spirit, that survives/d.

Where else can you find me online?
My travel & foodie blog Putohleb (in Serbian)
The Phonerings (punk/hardcore/alt band)
Autopark (indie/dream pop band)
Check out the interview with me on the
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