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Vladimir Dulović (1977)

About me
I was always prone to asking questions, wondering why things are the way they are and where they are. Born and raised in Belgrade I asked the same about my environment, taking ever longer walks through the city and immersing ever deeper into the city’s two and a half millennia long history, learning how our physical environment was shaped by past events.

In time I got my BA and MA in history focusing on southeast Europe and, yes, Belgrade. Then I grew impatient to share the knowledge, to break the stereotypes, to open new views. So I wrote a few tourist guidebooks on Belgrade, Serbia and the region. To my surprise I felt that the urge to answer questions grew with time. It still is especially strong when I am down on the streets of Belgrade.

Why Belgrade?
It is easy to love a city in which you were born and about which, in time, you learned so much. However, Belgrade is loved also by almost all who come here even for the shortest of visits and know nothing about it. That is why we, the locals, believe that there is more than meets the eye to our busy, rough and often chaotic metropolis.

Belgrade is a rough diamond, one that will probably not be shaped into something as lovable as most of the European capitals. It is a city of huge potential, always ready to give equal chances to all newcomers. There aren’t too many rules for living here and what little there are can always be bent.

It is exactly the coarseness and disarray that shape and inspire its inhabitants – a spontaneous, down-to-earth and creative crowd of unruly individuals that will make you feel at home in a matter of hours. While always ready to except new ideas, Belgraders stubbornly cling to their favorite guilty pleasures, be it sipping coffee on outdoor terraces during working hours, celebrating two New Year Eves just for the sake of fun or recklessly enjoying that hefty but mouthwatering Serbian cuisine.

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