10 Non-Standard Reasons to Visit the Hague

The Hague is famous for its location near the beach, the Royal Palace and as the seat of the government of The Netherlands. We thought it would be a good idea to give you 10 some more local reasons to visit this grand city, which we are very happy to have launched a few months ago!


Strandbeesten (by Helen Hartmann)

Let’s start with the beach. Strandbeesten literally translated is beach animals. These ‘creatures’ are made by Scheveningen local Theo Jansen and only found during summertime. The wonderful thing about this kinetic artwork is that they move according to the wind. Which makes them very lively. When you decide to hit the beach, make sure to find these awesome “animals”!

Haagse Toren

Haagse Toren (by Jenny Huttinga)

Next up is its wonderful view. The Hague is the perfect combination of old and new architecture. When you’re shopping, you’ll notice you’re surrounded by relatively tall and modern buildings. When you’re done with that and ready to have a drink at the café, you’ll be surrounded by traditional buildings. This view gives you a glimpse of this beautiful contrast. An interesting fact about the Haagse Toren is that this tower was used as a lookout to spot enemies at sea!


Noordeinde (by LIV Residential)

Speaking of shopping, Noordeinde gives you the perfect opportunity to do this. Not only can you find the King’s enormous and beautiful workplace here, but the street is filled with shopping malls, restaurants, and little art galleries.  A perfect way to spend your afternoon!

Avonturia De Vogelkelder

Avonturia (by Jorinde van der Burgh)

Avonturia is the largest pet shop in all of Benelux! Besides that, it’s also a veterinary clinic, mini-zoo and brasserie, all in one. This place offers many activities such as tasting 24 types of loose tea, cracking 80 million-year-old geodes and visiting the mini-zoo that has a variety of animal selections ranging from dwarf-monkeys to desert foxes. If you’re an animal lover, you should definitely pay a visit!

De Fuut

De Fuut (by De Fuut)

Near the beach, you can find pavilions full of restaurants and bars. Which one to choose depends on your liking. This one, in particular, definitely belongs in the top 5. Which makes De Fuut extra nice is that it organizes evenings full of live jazz music played by different bands each time. Get ready for a night where you’ll be swept of your feet while enjoying a nice dinner.

Palace Garden

Palace Garden (by Jenny Huttinga)

A nice day at the park is always a good idea. This is no ordinary park though. This is actually the King’s park as it is located in the back of his workplace. The Queen decided to make the Palace Garden public a few years ago. In addition, rumor has it that this park is full of secrets. The story goes that underneath the park is a secret tunnel used as a passageway for the Royal family in case of an emergency. Other than that, there is a tiny alley in the back of the garden that leads to a door. When you ring the bell, the guard will let you through. You’ll walk underneath a beautiful archway which leads you to the city center. A great shortcut!

Museum Voorlinden

Museum Voorlinden (by Marieke Pursehouse Koets)

And now for some art. The Hague is full of good museums and this one is definitely worth a visit. It’s relatively new as it opened its door in 2016, but has since been visited by many locals. Museum Voorlinden showcases modern and contemporary artworks. Next door to the museum there is a restaurant where they serve tea and sandwiches. The best part? The location. The museum is reached by car or cycle as it is surrounded by forests, dunes, meadows, and landscaped gardens. It’s truly one of The Hague’s best kept secret museums!

Collectiv Concept Store

Collectiv Concept store (by Hannah Whittle)

In need of any original gifts? Collectiv Concept Store is run by entrepreneurs who made all of the items found in the store by themselves. These handmade items consist of a wide variety of things such as handmade jewelry, art, and vintage and lifestyle items. This is a great spot where creative entrepreneurs can show of their talent so shopping here means supporting them. You can’t really regret that, can you?


Teds (by Dutchreview)

Is brunch your favorite meal of the day? Then Teds is the perfect place for you. This place offers you every brunch meal you can imagine. But here comes the best part: they serve it from 08:30 in the morning till 04:30 in the late afternoon. Since most restaurants offer brunch from morning till 2 in the afternoon, this restaurant is very unique when it comes to their opening hours. Besides that, you can get as many free glasses of water if you’d like. So head on over to Teds for a delicious all-day brunch!

Surf the North Sea

(by Jenny Huttinga)

And last but not least, a reason to visit the Hague is to surf at its beaches. Usually, surfing is done during summertime, but even in wintertime locals choose to surf the waves in the cold sea like true diehards! The most popular hotspot for surfing is the northern part of the Scheveningen boulevard, near the harbor. According to the locals, this is where the best waves can be found. You can also find many surfing clubs that can provide with all the surfing gear to make it extra easy for you. Get ready to ride the waves The Hague-style.

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