10 Selected Spotted by Locals Spots (Spring 2021)

Huckleberry Floats in Berlin (by Huckleberry Floats)

It’s springtime! Spring always feels like a new beginning, but this year it feels extra special. With the world slowly coming out of lockdowns, vaccines being given out at top speed, and restrictions being less limiting, it really feels like the end of these dark times is in sight.

What springtime also means for us, is that it’s time for our top ten spots of the season! This time we focussed on experiences with friends, social life and unique discoveries, as we can all use some time away from home, whether that is in your own city or with a little trip away.

So sit back, get some inspiration and start dreaming of normal life again.

Sustainable events & sauna in Oslo

Concert at SALT (by SALT)

The combination of art, music, food, and even saunas is a great hit among the locals. SALT in Oslo is the perfect spot to spend your afternoon with friends to check out a concert or play or just grab a drink and some food from one of the several foods stands. Salt also makes numerous efforts to be as sustainable as it can be. Its location at the harbor adds to its overall laid back and chilled vibe.

Photography exhibitions in an old jail in Porto

Portuguese Centre of Photography (by M Porto – Câmara Municipal de Porto)

This Portuguese Center of Photography has a very cool twist to it, it’s located in Jail! Based in the old prison in the city center of Porto the museum offers a unique experience for photography lovers. With the building being almost as cool and interesting as the exhibitions itself, you won’t know where to look first!

Explore Berlin by float

Huckleberry Floats (by Huckleberry Floats)

Did you know that Berlin is completely surrounded by water? Locals love exploring it using a float. They don’t require a license and the steering is really easy. They come fully equipped with everything you need to spend a day, or even a week on the water! Up to three people can sleep on the float and if you rather sleep on land, they can provide you with tents. Robin recommends renting one at Huckleberry Floats.

A farmers’ night market in Belgrade

Beogradski Nocni Market (by still in Belgrade)

Does it seem weird to you to spend your Friday night at a farmers’ market? Well, in Belgrade it’s totally normal! Every month or two the regular farmers’ markets in town host the Belgrade farmer’s night market. The initiative came about to bring new life to the markets and it worked! You can spend all evening catching up with friends while having a drink and discovering countless artists, small businesses, restaurants, winemakers, and footstalls.

A train with live folk music in Manchester

The Folk Train (by Dave Taylor)

Looking for a unique musical experience that you will never forget? Take a trip on the Folk train! Every month two trains depart from Piccadilly station in Manchester, hosting a different folk band. The concept is simple, you buy a ticket and board the train with the folk band. You enjoy your musical ride and upon arrival, you all go to a local bar where you can enjoy your musical night!

A theater in a converted train in Athens

The outside terrace of the restaurant car (by To Treno Sto Rouf)

To stay on the topic of trains, this is another epic train spot, in Athens this time. The train in Rouf is an old preserved train that got converted into a cool and artistic hangout spot. Its original wagons serve their old purpose in a contemporary way. The theater wagon is reformed as a theatrical scene, the wagon bar, with its wooden decoration and low lights, creates a mysterious, retro atmosphere, while the restaurant wagon is taken from those old-time movies, where so many things could happen on a train…

A bit of cosmic romance at the Minsk Observatory

Minsk Observatory (by Ekaterina Syroyezhkina)

Minsk Observatory is the perfect place to spend a sleepless night out. It’s a perfect alternative to a night out at the bars. Whether you go on a romantic date or just a fun trip with friends, this spot will surely transport you back in time and into another universe! The ancient German telescope dating back to the early 19th century lets visitors explore the mesmerizing night sky. And the best thing? It’s completely free!

A rooftop garden to meet students in Warsaw

The UW Library Garden (by Warsaw Tourist Office)

If you want to spend some time in nature inside the city of Warsaw, head to the UW library garden. What makes this garden so special, is its design. The moment you step onto the rooftop, you step into the future. A lot of benches, bridges, and pergolas make this place a very interesting labyrinth – a labyrinth where culture meets nature and where tradition meets the future.

Outdoor bouldering at Cuningar Loop in Glasgow

Bouldering at Cuningar Loop (by Glasgow with Kids)

If you are looking for more action, this spot is the place for you! The Cuningar Loop offers a variety of activities just outside Glasgow. You can go walking or cycling, or our personal favorite, bouldering! They have a whole outdoor bouldering center where beginners and advanced climbers can better their skills. Access is completely free, just make sure to bring a mat in case you fall!

A talking sewer in Helsinki

Mutta mina lähden (by Janiina Knuutinen)

Lastly, we want to share this amazing piece of Helsinki artwork with you. The talking sewer. This artwork is one of the funniest pieces on our blog, but also one of the easiest to miss. It looks just like a regular sewer. However, if you listen closely you can hear it announcing flight departures! It has been doing so since 2003!

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