10 Selected Spotted by Locals Spots (Summer 2020)

Our locals do their best to make Spotted by Locals different from other city guides by writing about unique, quirky, locally-owned spots that you would most likely miss when visiting a city. Preferably spots that even many locals don’t know (yet)…

In this post we present you a summer selection of 10 of our Spotters’ favorite spots that exemplify the Spotted by Locals difference. Do you feel like writing about spots like these yourself? Become a Spotter for your city!

Bücherschränke – Public space bookcrossing in Frankfurt

Bücherschränke (by Francesco Cantoro)

One of the most special pieces of public furniture in Frankfurt are bookcases (Bücherschränke). There is no registry nor obligation to return the books borrowed, but the principles of civility apply, and therefore it is nice if you either leave one of your own or return the one you took.

What an elegant way of promoting a reading and sharing culture and of engaging in community life, even if you are only passing by. — Alexandra Sepúlveda

Ajusco’s Labyrinth in Mexico City

Ajusco’s Labyrinth (by Cris Guasch)

Ajusco’s Labyrinth is a really weird but awesome spot in Mexico City. It is an actual labyrinth that is inside of a huge estate and its owner accepts visits from people, so anyone can enjoy his yard.

You can also visit the house that is in the same estate, which has very rare objects and includes a very interesting tour: this is a Tudor-style house, typical of England. I really recommend it, it is very thrilling. – Cris Guasch

Zakrzowek – Quarry oasis in Krakow

Zakrzowek Krakow (by Grzegorz Ryzio)

Zakrzowek is a water-filled quarry that looks like a little hidden oasis. Nearby there are cliffs where you can spot rock climbers or join them if you’d like, and if not make your way to the top of the cliff from the side of the quarry and enjoy the views of Krakow.

The turquoise water and steep drop made me feel like I was somewhere on the Adriatic Sea. — Greg Ryzio

Peacocks – Animal kingdom in Ljubljana

Peacocks (by Jošt Derlink)

This garden with 3 peacocks is of the most random and funniest spots features peacocks in Ljubljana. There are three adorable peacocks, one male, and two females, living in a garden not far away from the main road in the city center of Ljubljana and even closer to our parliament!

I love it that many people don’t seem to know about this hidden treasure, so for a long time it was just for my private entertainment. Now I’m sharing this with you. — Jošt Derlink

Riverdale Farm in Toronto

Riverdale Farm (by Mauricio Alas Photography)

The Riverdale Farm is a small farm that is open year-round and specializes in pioneer breeds of farm animals like horses, cows, goats, and sheep that are hard to find on commercial farms. Making it a welcome location for a relaxing Summer break from typical urban sightseeing and all within a 20-minute transit from Yonge and Bloor.

Fun fact: Where the farm stands today was the original site of the Riverdale Zoo before moving to Scarborough in 1974 to become the Toronto Zoo. — Mauricio Alas

Miradouro Keil do Amaral – Magic nature in Lisbon

Miradouro Keil do Amaral (by Sandra Lopes)

If you’re not paying attention, the Miradouro Keil do Amaral can go completely unnoticed in the middle of the forest of Monsanto. It’s a magical place where you will feel in perfect harmony with the disposition of all the elements – the pine trees offering freshness and shade and the water element being present with a beautiful triangular lake close to the ground.

The surrounding environment is intimate and very romantic as if nature wanted to share with us this little secret of the Serra de Monsanto. — Sandra Lopes

Shabazi’s sleeping cat in Tel Aviv

Shabazi’s sleeping cat (by Hariella Farber)

Shabazi’s sleeping cat has been part of the scenery for the last 5 years at least. It’s a piece of wood carving carved into a big tree stump located at 15 Shabazi street.

I like street art as a rule, I also like the unusual. It is not every day you run into street art statues. — Ari Farber

Kubota Garden – A Seattle hidden treasure

Kubota Garden (by Nicoline Miller)

A stunning twenty acres of hills and valleys, the Kubota Garden features streams, waterfalls, ponds, quaint red wooden Japanese bridges, rock outcroppings, and an exceptionally rich collection of plants and trees. It is a truly unique green spot that comes with a magical stone setting and will remind you of a Japanese oasis.

It will take you a while to get there, about ½ hour by car from downtown Seattle, and maybe that’s why it boasts to be “Seattle’s hidden treasure”. But rest assured, it is way worth the trip! — Nicoline Miller

Paulou Mela – Former military camp in Thessaloniki

Paulou Mela (by Valia Lavdogianni)

Paulou Mela, the former military camp, is a place of freedom, a little away from the city center. In this former military camp, there is a big number of warehouses, and old buildings made for the soldiers. Nowadays, people of all ages, go there with their pets, or in order to play a game like football, or anything else.

I think that it’s a good spot, for those who like nature, and who want to play a game outside or play music with their friends. — Valia Lavdogianni 

Njegošev Park – Hideout in downtown Podgorica

Njegošev Park (by Vasilije Krivokapic)

This Njegošev Park is the closest to a central city park that Podgorica offers. Spanning both banks of the river, this park is almost like an oasis in the middle of the city, enabling its citizens and tourists alike to enjoy the many sunny days that Podgorica has.

If you search for some peace and shade in the center of Podgorica, Njegošev park is the best spot for that. — Vasilije Krivokapic

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