10 Selected Spotted by Locals spots (Spring 2020)

What makes Spotted by Locals different is the unique, quirky, locally-owned spots that you would most likely miss when visiting a city. Preferably spots that even many locals don’t know (yet)… Ranging from unusual art to quirky shops and extraordinary places in nature, we’ve got you covered!

Enjoy these 10 of our Spotters’ favorite spots that exemplify the Spotted by Locals difference. Do you feel like writing about spots like these yourself? Become a Spotter for your city!

Cirkó Gejzír – A basement cinema in Budapest

Cirkó Gejzír (by Iulia Notaros)

Tucked away in an unassuming basement on Balassi Bálint street, Cirkó Gejzír have taken it upon themselves to help Budapest‘s film lovers gain access to lesser known gems which would otherwise not make it to the screens in more mainstream theaters.

In case you’ve identified your perfect film, be aware that Mondays and Tuesdays are discount days (tickets cost 1100 forints) which means that some films, especially newer releases, will be sold out pretty quickly, so buying ahead is advised. — Iulia Notaros

Rectangle – Unusual art space in Brussels

Rectangle (by Nettah Yeoli-Rimmer)

Rectangle is described as “an artist run public space project” and offers a unique approach to an art gallery. This unsual project in Brussels makes clever use of public space and mimics the strategies of advertising to promote artistic engagement with the city.

Even when it’s not open, however, it’s worth going by to see the unusual sight of their artistic billboard, which sits on top of the building and is open, of course, 24/7. — Nettah Yoeli – Rimmer

A hidden memorial in a Cologne park

Gremberger Wäldchen (by Marcel Krueger)

Gremberger Wäldchen is one of the oldest forests in Cologne, yet this hidden memorial is often overseen. This memorial including a message in German, is a tribute to victims and prisoners of the Nazi slave labor camps.

The occurrences in the Gremberg Camp might seem like a footnote in history. But then the memorial is there, and I like that it can be visited, the crime made visible to this day. – Marcel Krueger

A hidden cowboy street in Edinburgh

Wild West Town (by Sarah Mackenzie)

Wild West Town is a hidden street in Edinburgh that is even unknown to most locals. It was constructed to market a furniture store in a creative way. One of the designers of Wild West Town used to work on the sets of Disneyland Paris which explains all the quirky details and the authentic resemblance to cowboy streets we know from movies.

If you’re in the neighbourhood, grab your chaps and mosey on down for a peek. — Sarah Mackenzie 

Hospital de Bonecas – Repair your dolls in Lisbon

Hospital de Bonecas (by Nuno Lopes de Paula)

Avid collectors of dolls will definitely appreciate Hospital de Bonecas in Lisbon. This shop was opened in 1850 and repairs all different kinds of toys and dolls.

Plush toys, dollhouses, fantasy costumes and carnival outfits, miniatures… everything you need for your kids dream world or your own wonderland.  — Nuno Lopes de Paula

Fan Museum in Greenwich London – cool and chic

Everyone knows typical art and history museums, but have you ever heard of a museum that is specifically dedicated to fans? The Fan Museum in London squeezes history lessons, fashion trends, and quirky facts into their fan collections.

Think fans are just simple folded pieces or paper that people wave about? The Fan Museum in Greenwich will have you think otherwise. — Peter Hoffer

Omar Art Studio in Sarajevo

Omar Art Studio (by Naida Kurdija)

Omar Arts Studio is not just a simple store in Sarajevo where the normal order-pay-go procedure is on. The artist’s approach is so individual that your order becomes the start of a friendship, your coming becomes a habit and your designs become your personal ID card. Often described as a magician, Omar will turn all your ideas into a design and then into wearable pieces of jewelry.

Sometimes, your order gets done on the spot so, while waiting, you can even enjoy a profound spiritual-traditional-daily-life chat followed by a coffee. — Naida Kurdija 

A hidden Seattle park with stunning views

Fremont Peak park (by Nicoline Miller)

Located on a west-facing bluff in upper Fremont with unobstructed views of Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains, the Fremont Peak park is real hidden gem in Seattle. Apart from the magnificent views, the award-winning park is filled with whimsical touches like a sculpture that marks the solstices and equinoxes, and a depiction of the phases of the moon depicted in white stone inserts in the black asphalt park entrance.

Even though I pride myself in knowing my city, Seattle, pretty well by now, sometimes I still get lucky and stumble upon new hidden gems, like the cute, little neighborhood park Fremont Peak Park. — Nicoline Miller

Tile Heart in Thessaloniki

Tile Heart (by Martina Papaioannou)

Street art comes in various forms and dimensions but have you ever seen such a tiny piece of art like this Tile Heart in Thessaloniki? Hearts can be interpreted in many different ways but almost everyone of us associates it with love. These kind of artworks are the things that add love and something special to your city, offering a unique flavor and detail.

It instantly became one my favorite pieces of street art — so simple yet so original. — Martina Papaioannou

Das Möbel Vienna – Buy the table you eat at!

Das Möbel (by David Titcumb)

Das Möbel is definitely far from being an ordinary Viennese restaurant. What makes this place so special is the concept that you can buy anything. Yes, literally anything. Be it the books, the furniture, the cutlery – everything is for sale.

The general standard in Vienna, it’s easy to forget, is pretty amazing, which is something I always remember when I visit cafes in other places. — David Titcumb

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