10 spots to enjoy the spring sun in Cairo

It’s June, and that means, it’s almost summer! That’s why Spotted by Locals selected 10 spots to enjoy the sun. This time we are taking you through Cairo, the city of a thousand minarets. Go kayaking with birds, have dinner on the Nile at Cafelluca, or smoke hookah with a view at Grand Cafe. More than enough sunny spots to explore in Cairo. Grab your sunglasses, put on some comfy shoes and let’s discover this wonderful city!

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Image by Al Azhar Park

Kayaking with Birds – Magic in & outside the city

Feeling like inhaling some fresh air without having to travel outside the city? Have a Kayak trip on the Nile and watch the beautiful birds! It starts at 5:50 in the morning: you first get an introduction to the birds you might see. You might get in touch with some resident birds and others migrating through a quick stop here in Cairo.

Thanks to the efforts of great ornithologist and wildlife-nature photographer, Watter AlBahryone has the chance to watch the sunrise among reeds and water birds. Another plus of such a breathtaking event is getting to row your way through the currents of the Nile in silence and peace. Praising and embracing nature should be a norm in so many communities, and that’s why this initiative was originally started. This is not only a day spent outdoors for fun but also it also plays a vital role in an environmental awareness campaign run by only one person. When you are in Cairo, give it a try and I assure you it will be a highlight added to your memories!

Image by Watter AlBahry

Cafelluca – 2 in 1: cafe + felluca

Cafelluca is the real meaning of creative ideas. For the first time in Cairo, here’s a cafe + felluca, two kinds of spots in one as you can see in the picture, and that is what makes it special! Felluca is an Egyptian word and means something like a small boat. You can hang out here just eating or having a beverage, and at the same time, you can enjoy the ecstatic Nile River from a different point of view. They have set menus that have a wide selection of food and beverages to choose from that will satisfy all tastes. Try the tradition and culture of old Cairo in the modern era. Set your mood for a ride that you will not soon forget.

Image by Cafelluca

Azhar Park – The greatest park in Egypt

Despite the fact that Cairo is one of the most crowded capitals in the world, the city still has places to stay in peace and quiet. For almost 500 years, Azhar park used to be just mountains of rubbish, until they decided to change it to a public garden listed as one of the world’s sixty greatest public spaces.

It’s almost 30 hectares (300,000m2) with an altitude of 62m above sea level. It opens its gates early in the morning, so go and enjoy an early run in the largest garden in Cairo! The lush green landscaped gardens and stunning panoramic views make your stay here very enjoyable. Azhar park also has many restaurants and nightly pre-scheduled events. In a nutshell, Azhar park is satisfying all of your moods, whether you’re feeling active, relaxed or hungry.

Image by Al Azhar Park

Bell’s – Morning date

Maadi is considered to be one of the calmest districts in Cairo, and Egyptians used to tell many jokes about Maadi and how you can easily get lost there because it’s full of small squares and many flower shops. Bell’s is located in the greenest area in Maadi, and walking through the calm streets to get there is a nice walk to enjoy. The place has a great menu, great location, a kid’s area, and a variety of recipes for breakfast, dinner and appetizers, also with drinks. Bell’s is the perfect place for a morning date in Maadi, with its calm green area near the restaurant.

Image by Bell’s

Grand Cafe – Hookah with a view

It’s tranquil to watch the sunset by the river while enjoying a cup of tea or smoking some hookah “shisha” outside in the fresh air. Grand Cafe, a big cafe and restaurant in El Maadi, is one of the best places by the Nile river. Its peaceful streets are the best streets in town. Grand Cafe’s wide view and its variety of indoor and outdoor seatings make you feel comfortable and satisfied with both the view and the food. They’ve got some good American-style dishes, but definitely try the hookah when you’re there, with the best flavours. This place offers you the best hookah with a view!

Image by Mistralzephyrus

Latino Cafe – Food on the river

It’s obvious that Cairo has many attractive restaurants on the Nile. Pick Latino Cafe and restaurant on Dokki for outdoor gatherings and food by the river. Cafe Latino has a huge space and a multicultural menu, it’s ready for serving groups and parties, it serves breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee and drinks, and it’s suitable for summer as well as winter!

In addition to that, you will be completely satisfied with the view of the Nile. Just remember to take some photos of the Cairo tower, which is very close to the restaurant, during sunset.

Image by Osama Abdelrahman

Christo Restaurant – Panorama of the Pyramids

Christo Restaurant is the perfect stop after a long day in the Giza Pyramids area. This traditional fish and seafood restaurant is one of the oldest restaurants in the area. It was established in 1930 and it keeps amazing. Not only for the quality of the food it presents but also for the unique location as well, as the second level of the restaurant has a magnificent view over the Giza pyramids, where you can satisfy your stomach and your eyes at the same time.

Image by Igacio Sanchez

Obet Al-Ghori – Historic gem

Cairo is a city full of a lot of interesting spots and historical places. Some of them are famous among travellers and some of them are not. One of the cultural spots you should definitely visit is ‘Sultan Al-Ghuri Complex’. It’s a huge complex consisting of many historical buildings that are located in the Fahhamin Quarter. One of those buildings is a spot called ‘Obet Al-Ghori’. It’s a hidden, underrated historic gem that’s being used for other purposes, like hosting a traditional spiritual performance called Tanoura which is Sufi singing and dancing. Enjoy the atmosphere while watching this spectacular show among these ancient walls. Show every Saturday, Monday and Wednesday at 19:00 and make sure to get there early as seats are usually fully booked! 

Image by Heba Otefy

Mosque of Amr – The first mosque in Africa

Everything in the world has had its first step. The Amr Ibn Elaas Mosque is considered to be the first step in establishing Islamic architecture and art in Egypt. The Mosque of Amr is the first thing of many — the first mosque in Cairo, Egypt, and Africa. It’s the first building in the centre of the old capital, Fostat, where nothing existed before and no city was located on the map before the mosque’s construction.

Amr Mosque has a huge open-roofed area in its centre, take some time here to enjoy the old Islamic decorative art. There are also some architraves that can be viewed along the southern wall of the Mosque. Amr mosque opens its gates for all visitors, locals and foreigners, no matter what their beliefs are, as the place is considered to be a historical site besides being a place of worship.

Image by Pinterest

Darb 1718 – Art and culture

Darb 1718  is a contemporary art space in old Cairo with a laid-back and informal atmosphere where you sit on a bean bag and enjoy the show or get your creative juices flowing in any way you wish. Darb 1718 hosts many events, workshops, concerts, film screenings and more. In addition to that, there’s a rooftop for concerts! One thing that really stands out at Darb1718 is their contemporary art gallery which really helps young Egyptian artists. It’s a place that encourages creativity, fun and self-expression through art and music.

Image by Darb 1718

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