10 spots to enjoy the spring sun in Hamburg

It’s June, and that means, it’s almost summer! That’s why Spotted by Locals selected 10 spots to enjoy the sun. This time we are taking you through Hamburg. Go for a Street Art Tour in Sternschanze, try a fish sandwich at Fisch & So or sip on your Aperol Spritz on the most romantic spot in the city at Chapeau. Head to the beautiful Inselpark Wilhelmsburg to check out the water lilies and rent a canoe at Willi Villa! More than enough sunny spots to explore in Hamburg. Grab your sunglasses, put on some comfy shoes and let’s discover this wonderful city!

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Image by Chapeau Hamburg

Willi Villa – Coffee and canoes

Willi Villa in Inselpark Wilhelmsburg has scenic views and a canoe rental! Open from May till October, they serve freshly brewed tea, coffee, cakes and ice cream.

There is a 3km loop you can do by canoe that offers you very diverse landscapes. The typical German “Kleingarten” for example. These are small gardens with lodges where people can enjoy their weekend gardening, grilling and inviting friends over to chill.

Image by Inga Marie Ramcke

Inselpark Wilhelmsburger – Water lilies everywhere

The international garden exhibition which took place in 2013 in Wilhelmsburg is long gone, but one thing that stayed is the beautiful park with ponds of all sorts to relax and chill at. Now it is called “Inselpark Wilhelmsburg” and you should really go there to hang out in tranquillity and watch the water lilies grow. The gardeners are doing a really nice job with all the plants here. Check out the facilities and follow the loop, a 6.5km circuit through all the different areas. This is also the park where you can find Willi Villa!

Image by landezine.com

TRUDE and Flea Market – Industrial charm

If you like the rough charm of industrial areas but still want to keep your clothes and shoes clean, TRUDE is definitely something for you! On this site, you find two cafés and the museum of work. Everything is situated along a canal so this is the perfect spot to hang out during summertime or even enjoy the flea market that is held each month from Easter Monday (first date) till “Tag der Deutschen Einheit” (3.10.). The dates for it you can find here.

Image by ruby-hotels.com

Kleines Phi – Everything hip

Kleines Phi in the upcoming Karolinenviertel, in North St. Pauli is a bar in a superb location that wants to do everything right: A well-designed place with just the right amount of hipness. The professional drinks are served in jars. The hip hop music goes well with the sunset light that illuminates the whole place. The guests arrive with their bikes or skateboards and the staff is super laid-back. If you do not get a table in the front, try the very cosy backyard. It is amazing. The atmosphere is great! Welcome to your Hamburg sundowner.

Although the ‘Phi’ is mainly a bar, they will occasionally offer special food, made by kitchen crews from all over the world. At least once a week this place offers freshly made food that goes very well with the craft beer. Check their Facebook for details and dates.

Image by Kleines Phi

Strandperle – Or vamos a la playa!

The Strandperle has for many years been the only simple snack stall at the beach in Hamburg. Under the sunshades, on the free chairs or on the sandy beach you can sit down and relax. Sometimes it seems that all Hamburgers (from students to seniors) are here standing in line for drinks & (the best!) french fries from the fast and friendly service. The atmosphere is easy-going and relaxed.

At the beach, you can listen to the rushing Elbe and to the seagulls. The container dockyards on the opposite side are still working day and night. Listen to the deep, hard sound. You cannot skip this place if you’re looking for a good place to enjoy the sun in Hamburg!

Image by collegetimes.com

Fisch & So – Or Hamburger meets Fish

The fish halls were famous a long time ago, at the moment they’re often used for other things. But in the middle of all those pretty similar food stalls at the harbour, you can find this small bistro called Fisch & So – which looks like a former fish shop. The menu is small: fish sandwiches with Matjes, fish cake, salmon, … or fried fish with fried potatoes or potato salad. If it’s sunny try to catch a bench outside. It’s lovely.

Image by Kyra Garske

Street Art Tour – Concrete canvases

Street Art is a big thing in Hamburg. And it has been for a while. There are all sorts of styles: Stencil graffiti, wheatpaste poster art, sticker art or installations. You can find the “Street Galleries” all over the city – mainly in St. Pauli, Schanze or Altona. Just keep your eyes open. The art itself is constantly changing, which makes it interesting and fun to walk around in this area.

As you venture into the streets you will notice graffiti and street art proliferating on the walls, especially in its northernmost neighbourhood, Sternschanze. Familiarly known as ‘Schanze’, the area is the playground of Hamburg’s hipsters, and despite recent waves of gentrification, it has maintained a fairly gritty appeal. If you’re seeking some street art-related suggestions, our Spotter Matthias has drawn a partial Street Art Tour partially covering some of Schanze’s open-air works of art.

Image by webundwelt.de

Rote Flora – Or where the contrasts collide!

During your street art tour, you might walk by Rote Flora. Covered in graffiti, posters and writings that change every few weeks is also the facade of Rote Flora. Previously a theatre, since 1989 Rote Flora has become an alternative, independent cultural and political centre hosting parties, talks, art performances and flea markets. The music varies from punk, reggae, dub to drum’n’bass or house. The people are very mixed from alternative rasta-piercing-guys to political activists to just-have-fun party people.

Image by WELT

Zweiradperle – 5-star bike rental

Rent a bike in Hamburg and discover the city in a fun and unique way! Hamburg is a very bike-friendly place. You should therefore not miss the occasion to travel the city by bike to get a taste of all its nuances. Offering some great deals, Zweiradperle gives you the chance to rent your own personal (electric!) bike to tour around Hamburg. In addition to that, the bike-rental service also provides guided bike tours through the city and its outskirts. Get on the saddle and start riding: here we go, ready to discover Hamburg! As a local (cyclist), of course. 

Image by Zweiradperle

Chapeau! – Aperitifs by the water, cheers to summer

As the days get warmer and sunnier, like every summer, Hamburg folks used to rainy weather can’t wait to spend time outside to get Vitamin D production rolling. We especially love spending time by or on the water. Chapeau is a bar with a huge terrace with tons of blinking fairy lights right next to a channel in Winterhude. It is definitely a really romantic spot to sip on your Aperol Spritz and watch the people pass by on their boats or SUPs. In case you get hungry, you can also taste some of their grilled specialities – what about the dorado fillet with rosemary potatoes and chimichurri or the classic cheeseburger? I suggest you make reservations right by the water to fully enjoy the vibes of a Hamburg summer!

Image by Chapeau Hamburg

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