10 Spots to Feel Like a Kid Again on Your City Trip!

A city trip is a perfect moment to do something you don’t usually do. None of your friends are looking! Miss those times when you could play around all day? We have selected 10 of our locals’ favorite spots for some playtime – we hope this list inspires you to stay young forever, or at least for a day!

Jump around in Rotterdam

(by Freestyle Motion)

Freestyle motion in Rotterdam is a 2500m2 (largest in Europe!) indoor hall filled with trampolines! It’s an absolute paradise for everybody who just wants to have fun as they used to as a kid. Who did not love to go wild on a trampoline when they were young? So why not try it again! go wild with somersaults, backflips, spins, basically whatever you are capable of! A great bonus: it’s an awesome workout too. Hangar 646 in Warsaw offers the same type of fun!

Slide down memory lane in San Francisco

Seward Street Slides San Francisco (by Sasha Sommer)

Seward Street Slides San Francisco (by Sasha Sommer)

Does anything make you feel more like a child than flying down a great slide? We don’t think so! The Seward Street Slides in San Francisco were built in 1973 after a 14-year-old girl won a contest. They have been loved by locals ever since! It’s so simple but so fun! Local Sasha recommends bringing some cardboard to make sure you slide down as effortlessly as possible, but you should be able to find some left around the slides as well.

Play old school games in London

(by Four Quarters)

Remember the days when arcades were one of the best places to hang out and play games? Whether the answer is yes or no (probably highly depends on your age) we still think you should visit one! The Four Quarters Bar in London in London has the best of both worlds. They have the old-school games that we used to play as kids, but they added alcohol into the mix! So you can feel like a child again while having that drink you were never allowed as one.

Or the newest ones in Mexico City

(by Arena)

While old-school games are fun in their own right (especially when you factor in nostalgia), the gaming world has advanced a lot since the time arcades with cabinets were common. If you want to experience the latest that gaming has to offer, Arena is the place to do so! High-end PCs (with great peripherals), the latest consoles, VR gear, as well as a ton of great games; everything a gamer might possibly want is here. Besides all that, they often host tournaments where you can test your skills against others, or watch others do so, and various events (such as cosplay ones)!

Explore a universe of active play in Chicago

Maggy Daley Park Chicago

Maggie Daley Park Chicago (by The Knot)

A huge climbing wall, a massive jungle gym, a picnic spot, a children’s play area, and plenty more. The relatively recently opened Maggie Daley Park, a world of a playground in downtown Chicago, has something for the whole family. Or for those who just want to play like a child again! The coolest part: the ice skating ribbon. Unlike a normal ice rink the ribbon meanders around the climbing wall with trees on the outside.

Make some swing music in Montreal

21 Balançoires (21 Swings) Montreal playgrounds

21 Balançoires (21 Swings) Montreal (by MTL Blog)

We bet you never thought swing music could ever be taken so… literally! This is a custom-made art installation known as 21 Balançoires or 21 Swings. Find 20 friends and you’ve got yourself a complete composition and orchestra. The creators, Daily Tous Les Jours, built it to stimulate intuitive play and experimentation amongst people of all ages and backgrounds. Not only is this an amazing art piece, but it’s also a whole lot of fun!

Never grow up in Bern

Spielplatz am Schützenweg (by spielen in Bern)

Sometimes all you want to do is just play on a regular playground. Our Bern Spotter Sebastian advises you to just do exactly that! No kids and getting some weird looks? Sebastian’s pro tip: shout a random children’s name from time to time and nobody will bat an eye. Spielplatz am Schützenweg in Bern is a great playground hidden in between two residential areas. We advise you to climb the treehouse, the rocket, the airplane, and the pirate ship. Or to enjoy the slides and DIY toys, the mini railway, and the rusty old car wreck.

Play board games in Athens

(by Playce)

Playing board games may not be an activity only catered to children, many will have great family memories attached to board games. If you want to relive those moments head to Playce Athens! from Catan to Scrabble, from Ticket to Ride to Tichu… This place has got it all. Gather some friends and try to decide which game you want to play! The collection can be quite overwhelming…

Feel like a star in Malmö

Teaterlekplatsen (by JohiKuproductions)

Did you love putting on a show for your parents when you were little? This is the place to be to relive those moments! Teaterlekplatsen in Malmö is a themed playground where you can feel like the star in your own play! You have everything to organize your very own performance from the stage and theatre, a ticket booth, a “carousel” made out of different sceneries, and, as seen in the picture, a two-story castle.

Become king of the jungle in The Hague

Monkeybos (by Adam Frick)

Are you finding your usual walks a bit mundane lately? Add a playful touch to spice them up again! Monkeybos in The Hague is an entire play forest located just outside the city center. Here you can walk and play as much as you want. The trees are pruned specifically for climbing, heaps of branches are assembled into sundry wooden huts/caves/igloos, rope ladders, and expertly placed tree stumps for skipping over the hot lava sandpits that seem to have taken over the jungle…

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