10 Surprising Vegan-Friendly Cities in Europe

Go vegan (by Juno Jo)

Traveling with dietary restrictions can be hard. Whether it’s by choice or it’s simply needed for your health it can put a real bummer on the vacation planning. Many big cities are known to be vegan-friendly like London or Berlin, but did you know that these ten European cities are very vegan-friendly as well?

We picked these cities based on the ratio of vegan-friendly restaurants per inhabitant (source: Happycow & the vegan word). And of course, we’ll recommend you some of the cool vegan spots that our locals have spotted!


Vegan-friendly ice cream store Boho Gelato (by Boho Gelato)

This coastal city in Great Britain happens to be very vegan-friendly. The small city has 26 vegan restaurants and 164 restaurants with vegan options on the menu. You can even find vegan ice cream at 7 different places in town to enjoy while enjoying the beach!


Vegan Cupcakes from Naked Bakery in Edinburgh (by Naked Bakery)

Edinburg may have only 13 fully vegan restaurants, they have more than 200 restaurants with vegan-friendly options! Finding vegan food at supermarkets is a piece of cake in the UK and they even have 3 fully vegan supermarkets! Our Spotters have also listed quite some vegan-friendly spots!


La Botaniste in Ghent (by La Botaniste Belgium on facebook)

The small city of Ghent offers 10 fully vegan restaurants and 116 with a vegan-friendly menu. As a whole, in the last year, Belgium has improved tremendously and the life of vegans has become much easier. Just watch out for the fries! They are almost never vegan. Our spotters have some favorite vegan spots in the city too!


Vegan Pastel de Nata from Vegan Nata in Lisbon (By Vegan Nata)

If you ever wanted to try vegan pastel de Natas in Lisbon is the place to be! On top of that, they have almost 250 vegan-friendly restaurants and 44 fully vegan ones. Top that of with 8 vegan stores and you have the perfect city destination! Our Spotter Sandra’s favorite local spot is Charlie Bistro.


Vegan Burger from Organic Garden in Ljubljana (by Organic Garden)

Even though Ljubljana is a very small city, you can find 10 fully vegan restaurants and almost 100 vegan-friendly places. Slovenia as a whole is also very vegan-friendly. Our spotters have listed quite some vegan-friendly spots as well! Even small supermarkets in mountain villages carry vegan options! Ideal if you want to combine your city getaway with some time in nature.


Vegan restaurant and juice bar Wild and The Moon in Paris (by Wild and the Moon)

When you think plant-based, France isn’t exactly the first country that comes to mind with its rich emphasis on cheese and butter. However, Paris has hopped on the vegan train and is moving full steam ahead. They have over 80 vegan restaurants and almost 500 vegan-friendly spots. Our locals have listed some vegan spots as well.


Vegan Cookies from Loving Hut in Prague (by Loving Hut Czech)

In Prague, you will find 160 vegan-friendly spots and 60 fully vegan restaurants. We also have quite some local spots! The coolest thing about vegan restaurants in Prague is that you will find many places that offer veganised local dishes. The times of missing out on local cuisine are over!


Vegan Cheese plank at Lissana in Tallinn ( by Lissana Coffee shop)

Being a modern and tech-savvy city, Tallin is always one step ahead in the game. The small city offers 67 vegan-friendly restaurants and 12 of them are fully vegan! Supermarkets are also quite vegan-friendly around here. Our spotters have listed their favorite vegan spots here.


Ratatouille Vegan Food (by Ratatouille Vegan Food)

The Italian cuisine isn’t known to be all too vegan-friendly. Traveling to Italy can be daunting because of this. But in Turin, you don’t have to worry! With over 16 fully vegan restaurants, including the famous Ratatouille, and 169 vegan-friendly restaurants you will never go hungry here. Our Spotters have listed their favorite vegan spots here.


Smoothie Bowl at Coco Bowls in Warsaw (by Happy Cow)

Last on the list is Warsaw. Last but certainly not least! Did you know Happy Cow lists Warsaw as the third most vegan-friendly city in the world?  The city has almost 150 vegan-friendly spots and 60 fully vegan restaurants. On top of that, they also have 5 vegan-friendly stores and many vegan bakeries. Our locals have listed quite some vegan spots for you too!

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