12 Spots That Are All About Community

Spotted By Locals
February 8, 2021
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Spotters Community, Spotters Weekend 2014 (by Donald van Hasselt)

Based on the Spotted by Locals’ sense of community, we have collected some amazing spots our local volunteers have spotted in our cities. They all have the concept of Community in common, these are all great spots built and run from the community for the community.

By visiting these spots, you’ll meet some amazing locals and learn more about their cities first hand! Here they are all listed in random order and in line with the Spotted by Locals vision:

How About Joining Strangers and Washing Dishes After Dinner!

Community Kitchen MKZ, Amsterdam (by amsterdive.com)

MKZ Community Kitchen is the perfect place to join and meet the locals in Amsterdam according to our local Ana. Here you can take part in cooking and sharing a table with complete strangers. Make yourself at home, grab a plate and join the line and serve yourself a meal. Doors open at 19:00 and the set price for the menu is 5 euros! Wash your dishes after dinner and stay up late chatting to some new friends!

Maybe Getting Lost in a Hippy Paradise Sounds Better

Nomadic Community Gardens, London (by Ellie Swain)

Stop by the Nomadic Community Gardens in London and enjoy this hidden hippy paradise. A secret spot located in the city centre, it’s free to enter and it’s also an urban open gallery according to our local Ellie. Here you can enjoy plenty of art thanks to the vibrant murals and sculptures. You can also grab bargain meals, all of this thanks to the locals who volunteer here.

Learn All About Bread  and Join the Bakery Revolution

Alex Bakes, Edinburgh (by Fiona Diack)

While in Edinburgh make sure to pop by Alex Bakes Breadshare Community Bakery, here the stereotypical concept of bread is revolutionised and they provide real bread for everyone. According to our local Fiona, Breadshare is a non-profit social enterprise with the mission to provide real bread for everyone. They also offer workshop and classes to learn how to make delicious bread and other classes too. The perfect spot for great bread and a great community!

Does Helping Out in a Farm Sound Better?

Charlottenburger Ziegenhof, Berlin (by Rafael Dujarric)

When visiting Berlin make sure to visit Charlottenburger Ziegenhof, a farm in the city. Here the sense of community keeps this spot growing and allows the locals to take part in taking care of the animals, cleaning and also taking part in support talks. It’s a sustainable self-confident community our local Rafael says, with the aim to teach everyone about sustainability, teamwork, animal care and community life. The perfect spot to meet locals and take a break from the city. They also have action days where they all gather for some tasks and share some food together.

Learn All About Urban Nature in Glasgow

North Kelvin Meadow, Glasgow (by Scott Walker)

North Kelvin Meadow is a beautiful community green space in Glasgow. According to our local Scott, over the past 10 years, the locals have turned this space into a garden of Eden. By pulling their skills together the community was able to build raised beds for vegetables, herbs and flowers. They also built social areas with fire pits and a playground for kids! It’s the perfect place to meet some locals, chill or learn about all aspects of urban nature.

Are You Ready to Start a Knitting Project?

Cross and Woods, The Hague (by Helen Hartmann)

At Cross and Woods Crafting Parlour you can pop by and join one of the monthly Craft Nights surrounded by an amazing community of knitters and makers. Here you are also welcome to work on your own projects at one of the long tables in the shop! “It’s such a unique space and granny will love it too!” our local Helen says.

Take a Break and Meet Some Locals at The Park

Cehov Square, Chisinau (by Mihai Avram)

Cheov Square is a place created by the community for the community according to our local Mihai. The park was renovated after a crowdfunding campaign organised by the local community, the first project of this kind in the city. It’s the perfect spot to meet the locals, grab a coffee and read a book!

Ever Wanted to Learn Yoga or Tai Chi?

Elzenhof Elsene – Community House, Brussels (by Elzenhof Elsene)

At Elzenhof Elsene the goal is to meet people and connect, this is a community house with a bar and a garden. According to our local Davy here, there are many organised activities which will let you connect with the locals, you can learn how to fix households and clothes as well as Tai Chi and yoga. You can also take part in a music jam session, poetry recitals, various debates and plenty more!

Wear Your Best DIY Outfit and Get Ready to Learn Some Skills

Les Affûtés, Montreal (by Miet Verhauwaert)

Located in the Little Italy neighbourhood you’ll find Les Affûtés a DIY community which aims to encourage people to create with their own hands, learn new skills and share tips. Here you can meet the locals and take part in the numerous workshops they organise. You can learn woodwork, plumbing and you can also learn how to make soap like our local Miet! They also offer plenty of machines and space for you to use when working at a project but maybe you don’t have the tools or space for it, just pay for what you use and you’re all set to go.

Or Just Get Inspired by Creative Exhibitions and Events

Village Underground, Lisbon (by Nuno Lopes de Paula)

When visiting Lisbon make sure to stop at Village Underground, this is a co-working community of creative individuals according to our local Nuno. With two spaces, a multicultural space and one for creativity, you’ll find plenty of exhibitions, live music and theatre events. The perfect meeting point for all the creatives and curios out there!

Forget About Walking and Climb Some Rocks in Boston

Brooklyn Boulders, Boston (by Cris Concepcion)

When visiting Boston, make sure to pop by Brooklyn Boulders, situated in a cool part of the city with edgy makerspaces and cocktail bars this is the perfect spot to meet some locals. “The Brooklin Boulders is more than a place to climb some rocks” our local Cris says, in fact, it was designed to allow locals to gather and take part to movies and competitions nights as well as exercising and bouldering.

Got Any Good Ideas for The Next Community Project?

Teren, Ljubljana (by Miha Poredoš)

Teren was abandoned public space which in 2017 was created into a communal space for the community based on the principles of the circular economy. This amazing space is used to experiment with urban gardening, sport, social event, local food production and much more! Everything here is made out of recycled items. According to our local Miha it’s the perfect spot to collaborate to some local projects, workshops and create a network with the locals. And if you got a good idea about a project this is the best place to make it happen!

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