13 of the Coolest Urban Farms Around the World (2022)

Plants for sale at Pluk! (by Sanne Verhoef)

When we think of farms, we usually think of the countryside. But many cities have amazing urban farms within their city borders. Not only do they offer an amazing break from busy city life, but they’re also really sustainable! On top of that, it’s also a powerful tool against world hunger. Together with our Spotters, we made a list of Urban Farms around the world that are definitely worth a visit.

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Amsterdam – Amsteltuin

Workshop at the vineyard (by RTVA)

Amsteltuin is a vineyard in Amsterdam! Okay, a vineyard is not exactly a farm, but plants still grow and the grapes can still be harvested. They offer a little vacation right out of the city center. Amstertuin also sells picnic baskets with local products that you can enjoy in between the vineyards! How cute is that?

Berlin – Charlottenburger Ziegenhof

Goats at Charlottenburger Ziegenhof (by Rainer Jensen)

Charlottenburger Ziegenhof is located in a backyard in Berlin. This is a community-based farm that wants to motivate anyone who is interested to take care of the animals and produce on the little farm. They teach people about sustainability through their work on the farm and host workshops for those who don’t want to get their hands dirty.

Brussels – Packfarm Tour & Taxis

Packfarm Tour & Taxis (by Wouter Spitters)

Parckfarm Tour & Taxis in Brussels is the real green deal: some artists, eco-minded architects and motivated locals took initiative and rebuilt an old site near an abandoned train track creating a community-driven park. Because the main part of the park lies beneath most surrounding streets, it’s an ideal hideaway from the usual city noise. A big slice of peace and quiet is not always guaranteed though, the people behind Parckfarm are an active community: in summer you might just stumble upon a lounge party, cooking classes or an open-air yoga session.

Florence – Orti Dipinti

The beds in which the crops are grown at Orti Dipinti (by Laura Pirovano)

Orti Dipinti is located in Florence and is one of the smallest urban farms on this list. It’s located on an old running track so they had to bring the soil in. The crops are grown in wooden crates by the volunteers from the neighbourhood. But their work doesn’t stop at planting and harvesting! They also have a mission to educate about nutrition, sustainability, and the role that urban farming can play in those subjects. If you don’t have green fingers you can always check out their little shop to buy fresh products.

Glasgow – North Kelvin Meadow

Children building a treehouse at North Kelvin Meadow (by North Kelvin Meadow)

North Kelvin Meadow is a beautiful communal green space in Glasgow. It used to be a football field! Today they have fruit trees, over thirty raised beds that people can rent to grow their own crops, two honey beehives, and six bumblebee homes. The space is used by the whole community almost daily.

London – Mudchute Farm

Sheep at Mudchute Farm with a view of London (by Helen Graves)

Mudchute Farm is London’s biggest urban farm. They have plenty of animals you would expect at a farm (pigs, sheep, chickens) and some you might not (hello llamas). At Mudchute Farm, they spin their own wool and your kids can cuddle with the animals! Interested in finding out more about keeping chickens, laying hedges, spinning wool, or other countryside activities? They offer courses on all of them!

Milan – Cascina Cuccagna

People at the bar of Cascina Cuccagna (by Radio Mamma)

Cascina Cuccagna is a true hidden gem in Milan. It’s a whole concept that features way more than just an urban farm. You’ll find a very good restaurant, a self-service bar with homemade bakery snacks, a wonderful garden for growing vegetables, a hostel, bike and wood workshops, a wine shop, a farmer’s market offering selected local products, and various events. It’s the perfect spot to leave the hustle and bustle of the city behind.

Oslo – Losæter

Losaeter creative greenhouse (by Monica Løvdahl)

Losæter is located in Oslo. It all started in 2011 as an art project and has since grown into a lush green mix of Oslo’s unique urban farm, a cultural meeting point, a knowledge exchange platform, and a funky wild park. They literally brought soil into the city and have been thriving ever since.

Rome – CoBrAgOr

People eating at the restaurant of CoBrAgOr (by CoBrAgOr)

CoBrAgOr in Rome combines an amazing restaurant with an urban farm. The acronym means ‘Cooperativa braccianti agricoli organizzati’, a cooperative of the farmers who cultivate the 40-hectare area surrounding this agritourism in the Insugherata Natural Reservation on Monte Mario, the highest hill in Rome. They also have a shop where you can shop their fresh products daily.

The Hague – Pluk! & De Heemtuin

Plants for sale at Pluk! (by Sanne Verhoef)

Pluk! De Heemtuin is a small farm located a little out of the city center of The Hague. They combine the small farm with a café and the Heemtuin where kids (and adults) can run around freely. Their animals all found their home at Pluk after being abandoned by their previous owners. You can come and pick your own fruit and vegetables, your kids can learn more about food and the animals or you can just enjoy a coffee on their terrace.

Toronto – Riverdale Farm

Riverdale Farm entrance (by Mother Goose)

The Riverdale Farm is located in Toronto, smack in the middle of downtown. The small farm is open year-round and it specializes in pioneer breeds of farm animals like horses, cows, goats, and sheep that are hard to find on commercial farms. Y0u can also find the oldest building in the city here!

Vancouver – Southlands Heritage Farm

A rider is getting her horse ready at the Southlands Heritage Farm (by Art Zaratsyan)

Southlands Heritage Farm is located within the border of Vancouver. This farm has made it their mission to guide us all into making healthier, more sustainable choices. Take a stroll through their gardens, hand-feed their chickens and goats, walk through the barn to greet the ponies and horses, and stop by their farmer’s market on the way out for some fresh products like eggs, honey, and jams. Southlands Heritage Farm also offers several programs to educate on the topic of urban farming and nutrition.

Zurich – Frau Gerolds Garten

The bar at Frau Gerolds Garten (by Dimitri Burkhard)

Frau Gerolds Garten is more than just an urban farm. It’s a whole concept of a community located in Zurich. It’s a restaurant, bar, shopping area, and urban gardening project all in one. The food for the restaurant is partly grown on-site, with the rest being organic and locally sourced. There is a community thread running throughout, and locals are invited to grow their own veg on site.

If you want to learn more about urban farming Freight Farm, Lab.gov, and Miggle+ offer some great perspectives!

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