48 Hours in Madrid: A Local’s Guide

View of the Telefónica building Madrid (by Andrea Roberts)

My relationship with Madrid started when I was 21, and it was love at first sight. Although not the prettiest, the smartest, the oldest or the richest capital, it has a character that is complex and compelling and I find myself still here after so much time despite the fact I’d only originally planned to stay for six months. I’m just never quite done with Madrid; it’s like family now; we have a history together.

It isn’t as crazy as it used to be, but then, neither am I! It’s still a lot of fun though, a perfect mix of old and new that is difficult to tire of. Although the economic crisis has been long-lived and devastating, weirdly it has done the city well – people have used their imaginations to dream up all sorts of cheap and cheerful ways to have fun. I love my Madrid more than ever; I hope you will feel as I do.

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Day 1: 09.00 – 14.00

For me, a good day starts with coffee, which of course you can find anywhere. Certain well-known coffee chains haven’t done that well here – not for lack of trying! One thing I admire about the Spanish is that they love Spanish things, and aren’t easily seduced by trends, (there are exceptions to this of course).

Upstairs at La Mallorquina Madrid (by Andrea Roberts)

So, start your day at the very traditional La Mallorquina; you can stand at the bar and point to the yummy cake or pastry you fancy, or go upstairs – try and get the table right at the back with the great view over the historical Plaza del Sol. I have been enjoying this place since I was very first in Madrid, and it hasn’t changed a bit.

Trashumancia Madrid (by Andrea Roberts)

The next part of my day was a bit unusual. My 48 hours happened to coincide with the annual Fiesta de la Trashumancia, when shepherds from Castilla and Leon follow the age-old tradition of driving their flocks through the centre of Madrid, as has been their right since the 13th century, heading south to Extremadura for winter pasture. And very festive it is too – traditionally dressed weatherworn shepherds and shepherdesses march ahead of the animals to the sound of castanets and pipes. It’s stunning, and if you are here in October, do try and see it.

Shepherdesses Madrid (by Andrea Roberts)

After that, it’s time for a snack. And as we are having a traditional kind of day so far, what better place than La Casa de las Torrijas, a place where you can find all traditional food and drinks. Most importantly, they serve ‘meriende’, a sweet snack combined with coffee or tea, and ‘torijja’, a piece of bread soaked in milk or sweet wine. The tavern was built in 1907, and they haven’t changed its design ever since. Talking about keeping it traditional!

Day 1: 14.00 – 19.00

La Plaza de Santa Ana Madrid (by Andrea Roberts)

Lunch is from 14.00 on in Spain, and we decided to try a restaurant near Plaza de Santa Ana as we were already in the neighbourhood – Madrileños (I count myself as one) love to try somewhere new, and this square and the surrounding streets are full of places to eat. Café Central is a classic. They play jazz there and serve sandwiches named after famous Spanish legends.

Today though, we tried Las Brasas de Vulcano, which features a lot of wacky Romanesque decoration, which some people might find a bit much. We enjoyed our meal though, and not just because we´d had too much sherry. The waiters dealt with the order from our large group with speed and humour and the portions were generous. Don’t be put off by the seemingly touristy nature of many of the restaurants around here – they offer honest Spanish food at a good price.

Have a lunchtime “menu del día”, which ranges from 10-15 euros and includes 3 courses and a drink – you can’t go wrong. Indulge in the very Mediterranean “sobremesa”. This is where you sit for hours and hours around the lunch table, taking your time, talking and having another drink, a coffee… I always feel like I’m on holiday when I do this, even when I’m not! Then sit a while in the Plaza after lunch, with the imposing Hotel ME Reina Victoria on one side, (which has a fabulous rooftop bar) and the Teatro Español on the other, with statues of playwright Calderon de la Barca and poet Federico García Lorca in between.

El Matadero Entrance Madrid (by Andrea Roberts)

We jumped on the metro after this, and headed for CaixaForum for a little look around this amazing arts centre that’s not only beautiful from the inside, but also from the outside – There’s always something happening, but it pays to check ahead. We had a little walk in Madrid Rio, a wonderful development that was opened in 2011 after the motorway was buried – it’s been a fabulous addition to the city, and it is a great place to stroll, ride a bike and relax. We were also curious to check out the shopping centre Plaza Rio 2. What can I say; it’s a shopping centre and as they go, a very nice one. The restaurants have good views over the river at least.

Madrid Rio Madrid (by Andrea Roberts)

Day 1: 19.00 – …

After quite a busy day, we decided to go to West Park & Templo de Debod. Here you can find joggers, students after school, after-work gatherings, dog walkers, friends chatting, tourists, photographers, picnic lovers, musicians and street performers. All of them can be found here on any given day, meaning you will truly feel the city vibe.

Parque del Oeste (West Park) is mostly known for the Egyptian temple called “Templo de Debod”. However, a visit to this monument itself is just a part of it and not the best one in my opinion. The park is in one of my favourite areas in Madrid, where city views include Casa de Campo and the Cathedral. There is also a rose garden, little cafés on the side, street performers, picnic areas and even a cable car that takes you directly to Casa de Campo. Those are the things I love most about it. The temple was a gift to Spain by the Egyptian government a few years ago, and you can visit it for free. If you want, you can check visiting hours here.

It’s fine visiting Parque del Oeste all year round, but when spring is about to bloom it simply is amazing. For truly awesome pictures that you will cherish forever, wait until sunset by the pond next to the monument. Concerts on summer nights are a must!

Day 2: 09.00 – 14.00

Fundacion Mapfre Madrid (by Andrea Roberts)

Another sunny day and yet more beautiful blue skies in Madrid. This weather never gets tired, never! It’s a feature of the city, so look up and marvel, especially if like me, you are from a cloudy grey place. I wanted to see some art today, and we’re spoilt for choice here. There was a beautiful exhibition at the Fundación Mapfre, so I went there. There are so many small exhibition spaces like this one – owned and run by insurance companies, banks and the like. They tend to be in grand buildings in the posh parts of town and are usually free or very cheap to visit. As they are less well known than famous tourist attractions, you can avoid crowds and queues, especially if you book a ticket online.

Cibeles Madrid (by Andrea Roberts)

After this, I strolled up to the Plaza de Cibeles, where you can see the fountain that Real Madrid fans go to celebrate their teams’ victories, and the monumental Council building, which was the city’s central post office until a few years ago. There is another exhibition space you can visit in there too. Across the Calle Alcala is the Casa de América, a fascinating space that offers free exhibitions, film screenings, concerts, and lectures. America does not mean the USA in Spain, but the Spanish and Portuguese speaking continent, which is what is represented here.

View from Bellas Artes Madrid Roof Bar (by Andrea Roberts)

Crossing back and over the Paseo del Prado, I passed the Banco de España, and up Alcala to one of my favorite places, the Circulo de Bellas Artes. Here you can attend exhibitions as well as movies, concerts, and classes. I headed up to the roof (La Azotea) for some sun and a great view. Go during the week and you`ll be able to claim a sunbed and stay there as long as you like, listening to chill-out music and relaxing.

Day 2: 14.00 – 19.00

La Pecera de Bellas Artes Madrid (by Andrea Roberts)

I was tempted by the 15 euro lunch menu in the restaurant of Bellas Artes, La Pecera, which means the goldfish bowl. It’s a bit pricy but the surroundings are gorgeous. Painted ceilings, a gigantic chandelier, and marble sculptures make this a luxury experience.

Espacio Fundación Telefónica Madrid (by Andrea Roberts)

After lunch, cross the road and head up the Gran Via to the Espacio Fundación Telefónica. Another multi-purpose arts space, this building was for a moment the tallest building in Europe and claims to be the continent’s first skyscraper! Since then the interior has been remodelled and features an incredibly photogenic stairwell. It now houses one of the coolest cultural hubs in the city, where everything is free, including concerts.

Day 2: 19.00 – …

Cine Doré Madrid (by Andrea Roberts)

Movie time? Why not! Filmoteca also called the Cine Doré is a short walk from Gran Via and is cheap as chips. It shows quirky seasons of films by directors that you might never even have heard of before. Beautiful both outside and in, it houses a sedate but lovely café in the foyer. Finally, head to the nearby Mercado de Anton Martin for some sushi or try one of the other small restaurants, nestled between the butchers, fishmongers, and greengrocers.

Luso Coffee Roasters Madrid (by Andrea Roberts)

This market has been revitalized in recent years, as have many of the traditional old food markets around town. Once almost empty of stalls after years of decline and competition from supermarkets, young entrepreneurs spotted the potential and the cheap rents in these centrally located markets, and now they are the place to be. They represent everything Madrid is about at the moment; the old and the new enthusiastically combined. One of the newest additions is Luso Coffee Roasters for your Portuguese coffee hit. I hope you come and enjoy Madrid and discover it for yourself soon!

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