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February 2, 2023
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Our local spotters in Berlin are true food experts with a wealth of knowledge about the city’s dining scene. They have the best tips for the best restaurants and food spots in the city, whether you’re looking for traditional German cuisine or international flavours.

They know the hidden gems, the latest hotspots, and the timeless classics. With their insider knowledge, you can be sure that you’re getting the best recommendations for a delicious and authentic dining experience in Berlin.

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Berlin has a thriving restaurant scene. The city is home to a diverse array of cuisines, including traditional German dishes, international flavors, and fusion cuisine. The scene is constantly evolving, with new and innovative establishments opening regularly.

Whether you’re in the mood for a quick bite or a multi-course meal, Berlin has something to offer for every taste and budget. The city’s relaxed atmosphere, combined with its rich history and cultural diversity, make it a great destination for food lovers. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, the restaurant scene in Berlin is not to be missed.

The following recommendations for restaurants are directly from our trusted local spotters in Berlin:

Thomas-Eck – Schnitzel Heaven

Image by Alpha (flickr)

“I will be perfectly honest with you: I like to eat good and I like to eat a lot – that is why I love Thomas-Eck in the beautiful district of Charlottenburg. Even if you consider yourself a food professional, you should probably eat nothing the whole day before coming here – these Schnitzels are not kidding, boy.

They are tasty, they are juicy, they are accompanied by a variety of extras you can choose from – they are basically HUGE. But Thomas-Eck is specialized in German Food as an art form, so be prepared as well for duck, roulade and many other delicacies. Look out for the weekly specials as well.

If you just like to drink a nice cold beer in an amazing atmosphere, consider this for a visit as well – this is how Berlin really is and why we love it so much. And here is even more good news – Thomas-Eck is incredibly cheap, offering main dishes like the huge Schnitzels for under € 10 – go there and get some!”- Robin Hartmann

Element Five – Asian Plant-Based Tapas

Element Five Berlin
Image by Natalie Avila

Element Five is an oasis for lovers of Asian and vegan food. Their specialty is small plates, meaning that you’ll be able to try plenty of their creative food options. When I say creative, I mean it!

My favourites have to be their Peking Duk (‘duck’ made from soy and paired with a rich plum sauce), Golden Shrimp (seitan shrimp paired with an exquisite tamarind sauce), and Konfuzius Schriftrolle (thinly sliced soy strips assembled with cucumber and leek then rolled inside a pancake).

This restaurant will have you double-checking with the waiter if the food is genuinely vegan. This is part of what makes this place so special: its authentic and inventive nature. It’s modern and creative, while still retaining a homely and relaxed vibe: the perfect painting of what Berlin as a city is.”- Natalie Avila

Alaska Bar – Vegan Tapas in Berlin

Alaska Bar Berlin
Image by Natalie Avila

“Berlin is one of the best cities to be a vegan. It frequently makes the top five of the best cities for vegans around the world, and it’s not hard to see why. There are dozens of fully vegan eateries in Berlin, and even non-vegan places typically have great plant-based options.

I’m here to introduce you to one of the best vegan restaurants in Berlin: Alaska Bar. Everything is great at Alaska Bar, which works out wonderfully because they are a tapas restaurant, so you can try a little bit of everything when visiting.

Their tapas range from traditional Spanish dishes made plant-based like their patatas bravas with cream and chorizo, to delicacies like almond ricotta paired with crispy grissini, as well as carrot lachs and cream cheese on crispy bread. Save room for dessert and enjoy a heart slice of cheesecake topped with local forest berries.”-Natalie Avila

La Tía Rica – Chilean food and wine

La Tía Rica Berlin
Image by Josephine Gauss

La Tía Rica is one of those restaurants you either have to know about or stumble into – located in one of Berlin’s quieter neighborhoods, Charlottenburg, it is really quite inconspicuous. I first came across it with two fellow Berliners who were looking for a place to escape back to South America, where they had traveled to shortly before. It ticked all their boxes!

The interior is small but cozy, with colorful accessories and decorations and a huge wine rack on one side of the room. Chile being a wine country, the selection is extensive and the team makes great recommendations to go with their menu. On a side note: You can buy the same wine you had for dinner and take it home with you!”- Josephine Gauss

Gözleme – True Turkish Food in Berlin

Gözleme Berlin
Image by Natalie Avila

“The most popular Turkish food in Berlin is undoubtedly döner, but did you know that döner was actually invented in Germany by a Turkish immigrant? Not to mention, the biggest population of Turkish people outside of Turkey is in Berlin. To dive in a bit further and learn about traditional Turkish cuisine, we can take a trip to Gözleme on Karl Marx Straße in Berlin.

This eatery specialises in two types of food, one is, of course, gözleme, and the other is manti. But what are these foods? Well, I’ll tell ya.

Gözleme is a savoury doughy Turkish bread, somewhat similar to a turnover or quesadilla. This stuffed flatbread can be filled with all sorts of ingredients, most commonly meat, cheese, or vegetables. There is no shortage of variations at this restaurant, and you’ll be sure to enjoy whatever you try. My two favorites are probably their Patatesli (with potatoes) or Sucuklu (with garlic and sausage).”-Natalie Avila

Benedict – 24/7 breakfast

Benedict Berlin
Image by Josephine Gauss

“Everything that is served at Benedict’s is breakfast, one way or another. The concept is very simple: eat breakfast whenever you fancy – the restaurant is open round the clock. The idea originated in Tel Aviv, where there are already several Benedict branches; this new one in Berlin is the first outside of Israel.

If you are planning on visiting during “traditional” breakfast hours, be aware that you will probably have to wait for a table. On a rainy mid-Saturday, I waited 30 minutes for a table for two, however I have been told that a 60-minute wait is not unheard of on busy days. If you want to be really sure: Plan your breakfast after 16:00, this is when they allow reservations.”- Josephine Gauss

Karun – Best shawarma in town

Image by Stu_spivack


“I am pretty sure that one of the biggest perks of going to Berlin is getting to taste all the amazing food the city has to offer.

The melting pot is cooking something delicious every day, and you can have a plate of it for little money usually. Same goes for the Karun restaurant in Charlottenburg, which offers a shawarma revelation complete with the best fresh chicken meat and the freshest vegetables you might find in any Berlin street-food joint.

Make sure to try the delicious sauces as well, my favourite is the mango-sesame-spicy mix, and you can even mix your shawarma with some halloumi cheese to top it all off. The Karun has delicious plates and amazing pastry as well if you are into sweets.”- Robin Hartmann

CODA – Dessert bar

CODA Berlin
Image by Josephine Gauss

“The perfect ending to an evening can be found in the lively neighbourhood of Kreuzberg, at CODA. Its casual atmosphere stands in contrast to the high standards the team set for themselves. It is safe to say that this restaurant brings desserts to a whole new level.

The menu at CODA comprises only desserts, which are paired with drinks meticulously tailored to be the perfect match in every sense.

In my opinion, the concept is experienced best with the 6-course tasting menu, with an option to include the corresponding drinks. However, you can also choose a “small” tasting menu (3 or 4 courses) or have only one single dessert.”- Josephine Gauss

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