A painting (!) of the Spotters Weekend


It was such an honor and surprise to learn our Glasgow Spotter Scott Walker (known as Wingnut Walker in the world of painting) created a painting inspired by the Spotters Weekend he (and 104 other Spotters) attended last month.

We asked Scott for a few words on what inspired him to create this:

“My first Spotted by Locals weekend in Athens has had such a huge affect on me. It was such an amazing experience to meet so many beautiful and interesting people from so many different countries. I was pleasantly overwhelmed and felt lifted and inspired with a renewed stirring to travel and experience more of what the weekend gave me. The painting is an outpouring of happiness and positive emotion, which is why it has so much in it!”

We ordered a print of course, and can’t wait to see it in real life! Check out Wingnut Walker’s website for all his work. Most of Scott’s work (including this one!) is available for sale via the website. He also does commissions!

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