A perfect day at Oktoberfest

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September 15, 2022
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“Even in my circle of friends, there is only one topic to be discussed – Oktoberfest! Fortunately, I do live very close to the Oktoberfest area. On foot, it only takes me 10 minutes, backwards a little bit longer. But there’s a reason for as you could imagine”

A Perfect Day Spent in Oktoberfest

It’s really hard to explain to people not living in Munich. But my anticipation about Oktoberfest is
extremely high, and I was so excited a few weeks before.

Spend an imaginary perfect day with me at Oktoberfest. Maybe afterwards you’ll share the same fascination.

Starting the day at Oktoberfest

10 am -12 am | Breakfast

Traditionally I start with a “Weißwurst Frühstück”, which includes two or three white sausages, pretzels and a wheat beer at Paulaner Brauhaus (Kapuzinerplatz 5, 80337 München).

Drink “Zwickl”,  an unfiltered Lager with a sweet malty body and a light hoppy finish. From there, it’s only a 7-minute walk to Oktoberfest.


12.15 am – 2 pm | Oide Wiesn

I head directly to the “Oide Wiesn” area; although it’s an entrance fee of 4 €, it’s worth a visit.

First visiting Christa at the Herzkasperl bar,  having a ginger liquor shot. It’s very delicious, spicy and feels a little bit like medicine to prevent a “cold”. Which normally used to happen after a few days of celebrating at Oktoberfest.

My favourite tent is “Herzkasperlzelt”. Herzkasperlzelt is not that packed and is also well known for concerts. Young musicians, even Bavarian rappers, can be found on stage.


2.30 pm – 3 pm | Time for a snack!

The next stop on my Oktoberfest journey has some delicious snacks. It’s a long walk through the big alley between all the big tents, but my hunger leads me directly to the “Ochsenbraterei” tent.

I usually order an “Ochsenbratensemmel” (ox bun). one of the most delicious Oktoberfest street food.

3.15 pm – 3.45 pm | Dampfnudel

Not only for sweeties – It became a family tradition, and it is also a must to have a “Dampfnudel” at
Käfer’s before spending hours in the beer tent.

This sweet delicacy is a kind of fluffy steamed yeast dumpling which comes with custard sauce. A traditional dish in Bavarian cuisine is usually served on Fridays. Nice to have an espresso with it.

Image by Stefan Hermansdorfer

4.15 – 10.30 pm | Head to Bräurosl

Usually, you will find me in my favourite tent called “Bräurosl”. It’s a little bit smaller compared to other ones and does feel more familiar. That does not necessarily mean it’s less noisy or crowded. The opposite is the case. Two challenges: Get into the tent and find a place to stay for the next few hours.

Usually, I will ask some waitresses or waiters. Most of them are very cooperative and seat you at their tables. If it doesn’t work, watch out for some less crowded tables and ask the people, if they have some free space to sit.

It can happen that you may meet some new friends accidentally and that you have your best, funniest and most entertaining evening ever.

10.45 – 11 pm | Take a ride

Fun for free – Toboggan is one of the oldest rides at Oktoberfest.

The passenger is transported to the tower’s centre by a fast-moving conveyor belt. From there, you climb the stairs to the top of the building, enjoy the view from the top and slide down the wooden slide with a burlap sack as a base.

Necessarily you do not need to ride Toboggan to have fun, it’s just fun to watch people trying to get up to the top on the conveyor belt.

11.15 – open end | Ending the day at Oktoberfest

Dance with somebody – My favourite after Oktoberfest Club is called “Substanz” close to the Metro station Poccistraße.

A home for all, who are fed up with Oktoberfest music. There’s always a long line in front, and I recommend behaving while waiting.

Why? First: otherwise, the doorman does not let you in. Second: the doorman rewards you with sweet stuff.

After you’re in, get some drink and dance until the lights turn on.

  • Side Note: In local language usage, feeling sick after Oktoberfest is called “Wiesn-Grippe”.
  • To know how to get around, Check out the Oktoberfest Map


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