A perfect summer day in The Hague

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August 9, 2022
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We are halfway through the summer, and we can all agree that The Hague is one of the best cities in the Netherlands to be in during these hot summer days for one apparent reason: THE BEACH!

Is the Dutch weather behaving on a day when you are visiting? The sun is shining, and the weather is sweet? Then we have several tips and spots to guarantee you a great day.

Carla’s Smaak- Bread, Cinnamon Buns, and Beer!

Image by Helen Hartmann

In the back of Werf70, you’ll find a modest bakery and a shop window where Carla sells a “taste of Scandinavia.” Swedish bread, torpedo, sourdough, rhubarb cake, lemon cake, pierogi and other (even non-Swedish) baked goods.

The kanelbulle (cinnamon buns) alone are worth a visit. We also tried several different cakes and bread. If you follow the philosophy of “treating yourself” and know the Swedish concept of fika, this place is for you. Carla is full of positive energy – that could also be because she spends her days swimming in the North Sea, which is just around the corner. Her passion for good, tasty food is evident when she describes what she has on hand throughout the day. I have seen jams, pickles, cereals, and canned Swedish beers, not just bread or baked goods. On her website (in Dutch only), she also provides recipes for all foodies.


Museum Beelden Aan Zee 

Image by G. Schreurs © BAZ

This is something for you if you don’t like crowds and sensory overload because that’s what the seaside resort of Scheveningen does best in the high season. Nestled in the dunes, just off the boulevard and away from the hustle and bustle, is a museum with class. The Beelden Aan Zee is the only Dutch museum specialising in sculpture exhibits. But don’t be put off if you think sculpture isn’t your thing. The exhibitions are beautifully designed. Beelden Aan Zee also exhibits in the public square in front of the museum and on the boulevard, where 23 sculpture groups with fairy-tale motifs attract the attention of young and old. Admission is free, but you can enjoy quiet in the museum café with coffee and cake (appelgebak or haags hopje).


Scheveningen Sculptures- Happy Rock Strangers 

Image by: Helen Hartmann

Introducing the Rock Strangers. The size and industrial feel of the sculptures, in combination with the fantastic vibrant colours that just pop, are an instant cure to feeling down. Sculptural work by Belgian artist Arne Quinze is exhibited in New York, Paris, Shanghai, L.A. and… here in The Hague. 

This accessible art is available 24/7 and located just off the main promenade of Scheveningen, directly in front of the Museum Beelden Aan Zee, which itself is worth a visit if you are serious about sculpture and keen to get away from the crowds of Scheveningen. Or, for more free and instagrammable public art, take the steps down to the promenade and enjoy the fascinating Sprookjesbeelden.


Surf The North Sea- Surfer’s Paradise

Image by Jenny Huttinga

Although the weather can be unpredictable, Scheveningen, the city’s most popular beach area, is a true surfer’s paradise. Even in winter, when it’s freezing cold outside, surfers can be seen on their boards, bobbing up and down the paths like resting seagulls.

The most popular hotspot for surfers is the northern part of Scheveningen Boulevard, near the harbour. That’s where you’ll find the best waves. You will also find several surf clubs there, like Hart Beach. They rent equipment, give lessons and have a shop where you can buy your own equipment. There you can also have a bite to eat and a (hot) drink to warm up after a cold hour in the sea.


Hart Beach Club

Image by: Marieke Pursehouse-Koets

What was once started by their father as a surf shop in Scheveningen, their sons have built into the beach club and surf school they are today.

They are open all year round and organise a lot of smaller and bigger events for trendy surfers, kids and families. But basically, it’s just a cool and relaxed place to hang out. The menu is great and extensive, so you are spoiled for choice.

Where to eat and/or drink once you have placed your order? There are so many options: inside, on the patio behind the breezeway, in the sand on the picnic tables, on the beach chair, or one of the big lounge beds.


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