A Weekend in Malmö

Are you going on a weekend trip to Malmö and wondering what to do in this gorgeous city? Well, look no more! Directly from Malmö locals, here are some ideas you should try while in the city!

First, a quick introduction to this beautiful city. Malmö can be described as a quiet yet crazy place! It’s big, but not too big. A large part of it is on the sea, which is a huge factor in the unique character of this city.

Swimming is a popular activity for the residents of Malmö. Too cold? No problem! Winter dipping it is. People are super casual, kind, and generous. And they all agree on one thing; whenever the sun is shining, everybody is out!

The city is bustling with beautiful art and culture, authentic restaurants, shopping and relaxing experiences, and many more. The following are some tips from our local spotters for experiencing a lovely weekend in Malmö.

Art and Culture

Malmö City Library Malmö

Image by Maria Eklind

Malmö City Library – An architectural masterwork

“Lovers of both architecture and great public spaces should not miss the Malmö City Library.  Its three interconnected buildings bring history and modernity together in a beautiful setting, and the resulting vibe makes it one of my favourite places in the city.

The original building, called “the Castle”, was initially designed and built as a museum in 1901 and converted into the city’s main public library in 1946.

An extensive expansion completed in 1997 added two very different, yet complementary, buildings by world-renowned Danish architect Henning Larsen.”- Sharon Bowker

Margaretapaviljongen Malmö

Image by Johikoproductions

Margaretapaviljongen – Remnant from the past

Margaretapaviljongen was designed by architect Ferdinand Boberg and is one of few remnants from “The Baltic Exhibition” back in 1914. Located in the middle of Pildammsparken, with a beautiful aisle lined with flowers on each side, it’s a popular spot for weddings and baptisms.

The pavilion itself is open all year round and usually features some kind of exhibition, free of charge. Although the building itself is really beautiful the primary reason I go there is for the surroundings, which are absolutely stunning!

The aisle leading up to the pavilion had its original garden plans made by Crown Princess Margareta (1882-1920), the grandmother of both the current King of Sweden Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Margrethe of Denmark, and its flower beds are rearranged taking inspiration from different themes every year”- Johan Kullberg

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Authentic Restaurants

Malmö Saluhall Malmö

Image by Sharon Bowker

Malmö Saluhall – Taste the world

“Malmö has an amazing food culture for a city its size, but if you don’t have the time or the budget to visit its Michelin-starred restaurants, the city’s Saluhall is a great place to get a taste and feel for it.

On top of the amazing artisanal food products on offer, the atmosphere is somehow vibrant and cozy at the same time and impossible for me to resist.

The food hall bills itself as “the melting pot of culture, creativity and fun that is Malmö” and is home to about 20 deli-style merchants and restaurateurs offering high-quality meat and produce that is locally sourced and expertly prepared by people with a passion for their craft.”- Sharon Bowker

Scandic Triangeln Malmö

Image by Johikuproductions

Scandic Triangeln – Hotel, restaurant and more

“If you’re taking a stroll around Triangeln here in Malmö, it’s impossible to miss Scandic Triangeln, its height and its glass facade make it one of the most recognizable buildings in the city!

Although it’s a hotel, Scandic Triangeln is a popular spot for after-works or just meeting for a drink before parties or heading out, as well as Saturday brunches, dates and work meetings. Its location makes it an optimal spot for taking a break from shopping and sightseeing.

Scandic Triangeln offers conference packages, workspaces, spaces for parties and events, and it’s one of the venues for annual festivals such as Malmö Pride and Nordisk Panorama Film Festival.”- Johan Kullberg

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Fiskehoddorna Malmö

Image by Maria Eklind

Fiskehoddorna – Historic fish market

“This collection of historic fishing huts (fiskehoddorna in Swedish) on Banérskajen in central Malmö is one of the most photographed locations in the city and might even qualify as “Instagram famous.”

These charming, colorful buildings once dotted the city’s coastline in the area of the Western Harbour, where fishermen plied their trade from them beginning in the 19th century through the mid-1950s.

Expansion of the harbour to accommodate the then-growing ship-building industry displaced the fishermen, who not only used the huts to store gear but often lived in them during high season for the catch.

In 1956, the Malmö Museum offered to relocate the best-preserved of the historic huts to a spot just off the canal on Banérskajen, with the understanding that the families of the original owners could continue to use them for fishing-related activities.”- Sharon Bowker

Möllevångstorget Malmö

Image by Joseph Eagan

Möllevångstorget – Vibrant square with market

“The Möllevångstorget square is the go-to spot to experience Malmö’s international diversity in one location. Just a few minutes from the main walking street, you will also find a vibrant market on the square which is open Mondays to Saturdays.

Most stalls sell fruits and vegetables, but a few sell flowers and other goods.

Be sure to bring cash since the stall owners prefer that – quite the opposite trend considering Sweden’s ever-accelerating path towards a completely cashless society, so the unwritten rule of cash is a breath of old-school fresh air in my opinion.”- Joe Eagan

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Away From The Crowd

Sunsets Over Öresund Malmö

Image by Johikuproductions

Sunsets Over Öresund – Amazing sunsets

“At only a 15 minutes walk from the city centre you’ll find Ribersborgsstranden (Ribersborg beach) or “Ribban” – as referred to by locals.

The beach itself and its surrounding leisure areas cover 79 hectares and stretches from the canal “Turbinkanalen” close to “Västra Hamnen”, all the way to the marina by the southern port (Södra Fiskehamnen).

The whole area is immensely popular and offers a wide range of organized activities as well as facilitates spontaneous activities of all sorts! You can go golfing, practice archery, go wakeboarding or visit “Naturum” and learn about the local fauna and flora.

There are also volleyball -, baseball-, rugby- and cricket courts, and even a paddock for horse riding. During the summer months, there are also fitness classes, Zumba, salsa dancing and much more.”- Johan Kullberg

Ribersborgs Kallbadhus Malmö

Image by Karolina Gorska

Ribersborgs Kallbadhus – The oldest badhus in Malmö

“The bathhouse is endearingly called Kallis by the locals. First of all, it’s a beautiful building. Its story goes back to 1898 when it was first opened. There is however nothing left as it was destroyed by a storm in 1902.

What you see today is the renovated version of the baths from 1914 – “Malmö Swimming Station” as it was called then, although battered now and again by storms and fires.

There are two main things I love about the place. The first one is the café with its soft and fragrant cinnamon buns (kanelbullar) where you can sit outside and watch the waves go by.

My second favourite thing is the sauna with the outside swimming area. Those bits are gender-divided (unless there is the Queer Monday – first Monday of the month) so you can walk around as naked as you want, take a dip in the sea and/or marinate in the outside jacuzzi.”- Karolina Gorska

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