Spotted by Locals’ amazing 2014


2014 was a good year for Spotted by Locals. Thanks for your support!

Some of the many highlights:

1. Our Spotters weekend


Selfies (by Claudio Carneiro)

In November 2014 we received 96 Spotters from 47 different cities. We had an amazing time! Check out pics and read some of our Spotters’ glowing reviews in this article.

2. Visiting 14 of “our” cities

Spotters meeting Zagreb

Spotters meeting Zagreb

We met a record amount of Spotters in real life this year- 145! Check out the articles categorized with “on the road” on this blog to see where we’ve been!

3. We launched 3 great new guides


This year we launched the ColognePorto & Kiev guides. And they’re beautiful!

4. New apps


This year we launched new versions of our Android & iPhone apps.

4. We spoke at 3 cool conferences


We had the opportunity to present Spotted by Locals on conferences in BrusselsZadar & London. We were recently invited to talk at the The Economist Future of Travel Summit in March 2015 – a dream come true!

5. Start of our cooperation with De Volkskrant


We started a cooperation with one of The Netherlands’ biggest and best newspapers: De Volkskrant. Beautiful illustrations by Tokyo based Luis Mendo

6. We’re available on Google Glass

Spotted by Locals on Google Glass (Field Trip app)

Spotted by Locals on Google Glass (Field Trip app)

Spotted by Locals is now available on Google Glass, in a way… via the Field Trip app!

7. We joined Instagram


This year we joined Instagram and started sharing beautiful pics take by our Spotters, and pictures of our trips. Focusing on Instagram was a good choice – it’s been our fastest growing social media channel of the year.

On behalf of our locals: thanks so much for your support and recommending our blogs & apps to your friends in 2014. The next year promises to be another exciting year. Lots of traveling (more than ever!), new apps, new cities… follow us on this blog, or via Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Foursquare and Pinterest!

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