An Ideal Day in Zagreb: A Guide for the curious savvy traveller!

Welcome to the last part of our three-part series in collaboration with Eurail / Interrail!  We’ll take you through a perfect day in Zagreb, filled with local insider tips and spots curated by our Spotters. Whether you’re a foodie, a culture aficionado, or just looking for a fun day out, we’ve got you covered. We’ll be spending the day and night in this beautiful city!

Immerse yourself in Zagreb’s allure by starting at the historic café, Palainovka, where you can sip Croatian wines while appreciating breathtaking city views. Continue to the heart of the city at Dolac Market, a vibrant hub for fresh, local produce. Relish a mouthwatering lunch at La štruk, serving a twist on traditional ‘Zagorski štrukli’. Recharge at Park Ribnjak, the city’s green heart, before exploring contemporary Croatian art at Lauba. Enjoy an evening at Medvedgrad Brewery, sampling a symphony of brews and bites, then wrap up with a nightcap at Opatovina, Zagreb’s craft beer street.

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Start Your Day with a Hearty Breakfast at Palainovka – The most historic cafe in town

Discover the historic charm of Palainovka, Zagreb’s oldest café, recommended by Spotter Nevena. Since 1847, generations have gathered here to enjoy coffee and conversation amidst a tranquil atmosphere. Located on the quaint Ilirski Trg square, near the Observatory and other historic buildings, Palainovka offers the perfect respite during your Upper Town exploration. Just steps away admire stunning city views from a picturesque viewpoint. Savour delicious Croatian wines or coffee on the terrace, soaking in the timeless ambience and Medvednica mountain’s refreshing forest air. Experience a piece of Zagreb’s history at this beloved café, where the past meets the present.

Dolac Market – A Must-Visit Spot in Zagreb

Dolac Market, Zagreb’s oldest and most famous farmer’s market, is nestled in the city’s centre. Steeped in tradition, this vibrant marketplace is a haven for fresh, local, and homemade products. As recommended by Nevena, visit Dolac early on a Saturday morning for the best experience. Witness the colourful array of fresh fruit, vegetables, and traditional homemade cheese sold by the hardworking Kumica, rural women who have supplied Zagreb’s kitchens for centuries.

Just steps away from Trg bana Jelačića, Dolac offers a variety of goods, including high-quality Adriatic seafood, honey, and other homemade treats. Complete your visit with a meal at Burek and a short walk to enjoy the best “Worst” coffee in town for a perfect Zagreb morning.

Time for a Tasty Lunch Break at La štruk: A Unique Twist on Traditional Zagorski Štrukli

Navena: As you might have noticed from a visit to Dolac market, Zagrebers love dairy products. We put our typical Zagreber cheese – a white, fresh cheese similar to cottage cheese –  in both salty and sweet dishes. “Zagorski štrukli” is a traditional dish made in Zagreb and the Zagorje region, which in its simplest version is made of soft dough filled with said cream cheese. Although not many things can compare to the joy of eating them in heated mountain huts on Sljeme after a morning of hiking (let’s be honest – if it wasn’t for the food in the huts I might not have spent that many Sunday mornings climbing up our landmark mountain) – a spontaneous lunch out at La štruk after a lazy walk through the old town comes very close. 

La štruk was the first to dedicate an entire bistro to them, and what caught everyone’s attention was their creative twists and unusual fillings of the štrukli: besides the salty and sweet versions of cooked štrukli, there are gratinated štrukli with additional toppings: walnuts and honey, apple and cinnamon, blueberry, truffles, roasted pepper, pumpkin seed pesto and a weekly special surprise version. Štrukli are the Croatian comfort food par excellence – they’re creamy and cheesy.

Unwind and Recharge at Park Ribnjak – Green heart of the city

Nevena: Ribnjak is the oldest and best-known park in Zagreb. My favourite spot in the park is located in the middle. It’s a Roman tombstone made in the 2nd century AD, where a Roman father mourns for his 30-year-old son Egnatuleius Florentinus. “Watching this tombstone reminds me how no matter the time, some things never change, like the love we have for our children and parents.”

Satisfy Your Artistic Curiosity at Lauba – Always ready to surprise

Tamara: If you’re visiting Zagreb and looking for a unique and surprising experience, I highly recommend checking out Lauba. This non-profit art gallery is dedicated to showcasing contemporary Croatian art in all its forms. Located in a run-down street, the black exterior of the building and its high ceilings make it stand out. Originally used as a dressage arena, Lauba now hosts a range of events including concerts, round-table discussions, educational workshops and parties with a contemporary twist. You never know what you’ll find at Lauba, from experimental flamenco concerts to watching the Croatian football team in their yard during the World Cup. As a Spotter, Tamara Lipnjak highly recommends Lauba as a must-visit spot in Zagreb.

Dining at Medvedgrad: A Symphony of Brews and Bites

At Medvedgrad, the first mini-brewery and beer hall in Zagreb, you can find a variety of delicious beers. Local Spotter Hrvoje recommends trying their Zlatni Medvjed lager, Crna Kraljica ale, and his personal favourite, the extra strong Grička Vještica. The beer here is unfiltered and free of preservatives or artificial ingredients. The food served is perfect for beer drinking, with plenty of calorific, spicy, and salty dishes like veal roast and sausages. Don’t forget to try their savoury “čvarkuše” and cheese rolls, which pair perfectly with their beer. So gather your friends and enjoy their beer keg, with 10 litres of delightful beer served at your table. Cheers!

Nightcap at Opatovina – Zagreb’s craft beer street

Spotter Tamara highlights the transformation of Opatovina Street in Zagreb, Croatia, from a non-descript road to the unofficial main street for craft beer in the city. The street’s diverse bars have embraced the craft beer movement, with Craft Room being a particular standout. Renowned for its constantly updated craft beer selection and pub food, Craft Room also offers a hidden terrace with views of Zagreb’s old town. An evening spent on Opatovina Street, walking toward Dolac and admiring the spectacular Cathedral, is a recipe for peaceful happiness.

In collaboration with Eurail/Interrail, we’re offering a 50% discount on our Zagreb city guide this June and July. Explore Zagreb at half the cost, doubling the adventure. Grab your guide today!


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