Interview with András Nagy (Budapest Spotter)

Today an interview with András Nagy Spotter for our Budapest cityblog. We met András in Budapest in 2009. He explores the city the same way we always do, by bike!

Can you tell us some more about yourself?
I’ve been living in the Hungarian capital for 7 years now since I started college but never got bored of it. Really different life form than the one in Szombathely, the town where I grew up.

Soon after I have become a Spotter my professional life also changed and now Spotted by Locals is one of many similar projects I’m involved in – great inspiration.

I’m very much into biking as an urban lifestyle; I have 3 bikes, two of which I rarely get to use, still, I wish for more.

Why Budapest?
The city is buzzing, night life is really cool but you won’t get bored during the daytime either. Whether you’re into history or modern art, hanging around in cafes or relaxing in a spa, you’ll find something for your taste. I think trying a bath at Széchenyi, checking out the view from a hill in Buda and riding tram no. 2 on the Danube bank are a must. Don’t fall into the tourist traps of Váci street and don’t believe anyone who tells you to stay in downtown. Suburbs are more than interesting.

Which prejudices about Budapest are true? Which ones are not?
TRUE: Drinking in Budapest is cheap. If you find the proper places.
TRUE: Hungarian girls are the most beautiful in the world. Now I’m being partial.

FALSE: It’s dangerous to bike in Budapest. No, it isn’t. Common sense, patience, defensive riding works. Sometimes a bit of shouting.
FALSE: You should visit the city in Spring or Summer. Nope, all year round city. Think of the night life or the museums. Although I have to admit warm months are nicer.

What do you know about Budapest what no tourist will know?
Budapest is less cosmopolitan than Western European capitals, however, we have a significant Chinese minority especially in the X., XIV. and XIII. district. You can find really good Chinese restaurants, just look for many Asian-looking people having their meals there. Avoid fast food restaurants though.

Can you describe a perfect day in your city?
Getting up late is perfect to begin with. Coffee and breakfast at Kino starts the day, hanging out in the Szabó Ervin Library would be a nice, relaxing activity afterwards. When I get hungry I can easily drop in to Apacuka for lunch. I’d get a box of chocolate from Rózsvölgyi, then a long stroll in the Fiumei Road cemetery.

Preparing for the night I’d have dinner at Bobek, coffee and drinks at Sirály and decide whether to stay there to watch a play and drink more afterwards or go to a concert at Vittula. Perfect day in every season.

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